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Advice/Recommendations for saddle
Hey all,

Iam looking for recommendations for a saddle for my 1/2 arab- 1/2saddlebred mare. She is 16.0H, has the breed's short back (but not excessively short), and is generally slender with good muscle tone- she is probably a medium tree. I am thinking of an endurance saddle so it would be comfy on trail rides and thought the Tuckers would be good. Just a question, based on her breed, would I consider her a gaited horse and lean towards endurance saddles that would accomodate her? She definitely has the ability to stretch out her trot and has that little bit of an extra gait (I think- its hard to tell). Anyways, sorry if the question isn't that clear (I'm watching the olympics while typing this- oops!lol)but I wondered if you all had any recommendations. Thanks for any input! Smile

I am preety inexperinced but I do have Tucker Gen11 Endurance saddle and really like it. I can't tell you anymore than That.[8D]
We love our Tucker Endurance and Plantion saddles. The Tuckers seem to run a bit narrow in the tree and Mr Parrot had to sell his Endurance, which just about broke his heart. Maggie is a "full figure" gal. We went to a Fabtron western style with Full Quarter Horse bars. Love the weight-or lack of!! I am shopping for another saddle without a horn.
Chuck's website is great for finding what saddle fits your horse. Read all sections carefuly, and you will be able to figure out what you and mare need.
Life is too short to ride bad horses.

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