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Ladies' Saddles----Dump your two cents here!

I ride in a Freeform treeless saddle which has a twist to it, my other treeless is a Bob Marshall, which has no twist at all. It feels quite wide, more like riding bareback feels through your thighs. There is a company which makes a saddle pad which goes on top of your saddle called a Hip Saver. It is basically a built up narrow twist which many ladies seem to prefer.
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Ladies saddle: one not so heavy to lift, deep seat to stay in[:o)]

Maybe should be categrized as "old ladies saddle"[Big Grin]
Originally posted by fracturedbones

Ladies saddle: one not so heavy to lift, deep seat to stay in[:o)]

Maybe should be categrized as "old ladies saddle"[Big Grin]

haha......I think?

We just don't want to build up any excess arm muscles to outshine those weaker guys! [Big Grin][Big Grin][Wink]
Mine is about 28 lbs. and heavy enough for me!

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I'm late getting in on this one, but my Tucker Plantation is built narrower in the seat and boy howdy do I love it. Alas when Mr Parrot stole my horse he also got my saddle and does not like it near as much as I do. hummmm.
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Hi, this is very late as only just come on site and seen this after being away for a while.

I have a Fabtron ladies with flex tree that I bought 2nd hand, and am delighted with it, my other saddle is a big horn trail and I love that too, but it IS heavy, so I use it as my show saddle when other half is around to lift it for me, ha ha.

the Fabtron is brilliant and very very comfortable, not met anyone yet who doesn't like it for comfort including men.

hope that helps.

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I've been shopping for many months and can't find exactly what I want, but the closest match is the Fabtron Ladies Trail saddle. It has everything but free swinging stirrups because they hang up on the rigging which is directly in front of them. So, you wouldn't be able to move legs forward for a dead stop, or stay balance going down steep hills. I've noticed that nearly all the lightweight saddles have this problem. Can anyone comment on that? Do the fenders move a little easier with wear? I may buy it and have a saddle maker insert a strip of leather to separate the girth from the fender for smooth movement.
Thanks for any info.

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