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Ladies' Saddles----Dump your two cents here!
Hi everyone. I'm Stephanie, that slightly annoying presence on the board that bugs you from time to time for your opinions to use for press releases! If your stunning quote hasn't landed in a press release for the shop yet, now is your chance Smile (Hook and Mrs. Hook, that doesn't mean you shouldn't answer!)

Our next press release is all about saddles specifically designed for ladies. We've built up a collection in our stock and our manufacturers seem to keep coming out with new models just for ladies. The Fabtron Ladies Flex Trail has been our top seller for over two years. The biggest difference between saddles designed for women is the narrower front, giving you more room in the thigh area. So, with that in mind, have you tried one? Bought one? Thought about one?

Why would a woman need a saddle specifically designed for her? Do any of you have trouble with a "man's" saddle?

Thankful for all you helpful, friendly people,
Did I scare you all off? Don't be intimidated! I know someone has an opinion! Let's get this discussion going! (pretty please!)[Smile]
I don't have one, but I'm interested in the answers...

Hi Stephanie;

I wish I could help you out, but I've never even tried sitting in a saddle made specifically for a woman. I ride in an old barrel saddle that has no manufacturer's mark anywhere on it. I bought it used, and I'm pretty sure it's over 20 years old. There's still a lot of life left in it yet, and I'll ride in it until it falls apart. It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever owned.

Again, sorry that I can't be of more help.

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Hey if ya send me one I'll test drive it for free!!!!! And even give you an opinion at no charge!!!
[url=""]Wendi's Riding Log[/url]

Originally posted by horsehugger2000

Hey if ya send me one I'll test drive it for free!!!!! And even give you an opinion at no charge!!!

Hey Wendi, just ask Chuck to substitute that saddle for the free one that he is shipping out to everyone that attended the DE ride. [Big Grin]
I had an older(70's) textan that was probably design for woman, it was narrow at front and wide and pretty flat for seat bones at back, sooooooooooooo confortable, but had to sell because dont fit my new horse. Now i'm stuck with an atroceous saddle with a ralide tree #1587 ouark!! hurt my seat bones! I will definitively look forward at "woman" saddle on the market. :-D Dont know why manufacturer did not take this huge possible market before??
My only experience with a saddle designed for "women" was a high end dressage saddle. The first thing you notice is comfort in the seat Smile My brain said right off.. Oh yeah, this is comfortable. I have only noticed recently ads showing "ladies" saddle like a Wade design. It could be hard to get a lot of input as people don't swap out saddles quickly. When you find one you like you stick with it. I have ridden in a built for stout roper for almost 20 years and when my late 20's / 30's it was fine for trail riding. Guess my hips were more spry Smile I sold it as it was just too painful after an afternoon ride in my lower back. Now I have a Champion Turf equitation saddle that is very comfortable and I tend to think it's because he twist is not too wide. During my search for an endurance saddle I did come across a company that designs only for Women but they could not tell me specifics as to what were the major differences in men/women's saddles. Is it really more to do with the discipline??? A western/english/Aussie design? My husband broke his Andalusian mare in my dressage saddle and was surprised to find it was comfortable. The Toowoomba Aussie saddle I had he found very comfortable and we only sold that due to the old mare passing and it just did not fit the current herd at all. He has also come to agree that the Champion Eq saddle is also more comfortable than his Team Penning Circle Y. So maybe it's not just women that can find comfort in a saddle designed with comfort in mind. Okay done with my mental rambling. Smile Hopefully you will make contact with riders that have gone shopping with just this question in mind. I know I look forward to their input as to what was important in the decision.
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I'm AGAIN in the market for a saddle for my current Mo. Fox Trotter. I had a saddle made to fit former horse and me but horse was poisoned and of course, his saddle never did fit the present Fox Trotter. No other saddle did either so Rio Verde Saddle made a saddle for him that was also good for me.

That saddle is now bridging 4 years later and I'm 1800 miles away from Rio Verde to have alterations done. I need a saddle with a 17" seat for very gaited (lots of shoulder swing) 10 year old gelding. I am interested in whatever will allow us long saddle hours as I do search/rescue and work with Back Country Horsemen. Because I am a woman, I'm interested in the "for women" concept...
Sorry to hear about your losing a horse to poisoning....tragic.
As far as saddles go, the "for women"...I have a Crates that fits me nicely. They make a gaited saddle that Chuck has at his shop

It has the "equi-fit" tree and also has the 17" seat and nice padding for long hours in the seat! Keep us posted! [Smile]

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