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Omega Horseshine?
Hi! I am so excited that I found this forum![Big Grin] I will probably be asking lots of questions, because I am back in saddle after some time away from horses. I had horses all my childhood and teen years, and also had a mare about 7 yrs. ago-we had to sell her when we moved to another state. We have adopted a horse from the Humane Society-he was in a horrible trailor accident a few years ago that had 60+ horses on it headed for slaughter! My young teen daughter and I looked for a long time, made several trips to the Ranch, and decided to adopt a young 5 year old gelding. The trainer worked with us for two months(he is green)and said Rascal was the smartest horse he ever knew. He is now being boarded in a gelding pasture,and still getting quite beat up by the head honchos. My question(finally!) for tonight is about his skin & coat-is Omega Horseshine a good product? I'd like to see his skin improve from all the scars, and he has shoes for the first time on very rocky ground. Sorry for the long message. I am just so excited to be a horse owner again! Thanks!!!
Hi Barbara, Welcome to the Forum.

Geldings will be boys and sometimes they play rough. Our guys get teeth scraped all the time and unless the skin is broken there we usually leave them alone.

I am not familiar with Omega sunshine. When necessary we use a topical salve called "Swat" which comes in pink or clear. It keep off the flies and promotes healing.

We do like pictures on the forum and would love to see a picture of Rascal. (We could also give you an opinion on those "boy scrapes" too)
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Hi Barbara, congrats on getting Rascal. I have been feeding Omega Horseshine to my horses for about 3 years. I have seen good results with it. I have an Appy who didn't have much of a tail who now has a tail dragging the ground. Coats are nice and shiny and I get dappling on my Palomino in his winter coat. Nice product.
Good luck with Rascal.
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Welcome Barbara. I just love it when I hear someone has taken in a horse who has challenges and given it a good home. Sounds like you may have a diamond in the rough there.
Welcome to DE.
I can't wait to hear more about Rascal.
I used omega horseshine last year. Eventhough it gave good results, was not that impressed and made my horses hot. I'm now using gleam and gain with great results, I think it has more flax than the other one and about the same price.

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