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Wild East or Western in Russia
Whoever asked to see more pictures from Russia, I guess, I'll post them here.

Me and Belka at our first (and second in Moscow) trail competition
[Image: ph_0134.jpg]

[Image: ph_0140.jpg]

My friend Nikita - one of THE first Russian cowboys and his horse Liza
[Image: life2.jpg]

[Image: 6252f8d7c810c03e91f065a3307d74d4.jpg]

And this is where the interest to riding western starts Smile
[Image: 30.jpg]

[Image: 28.JPG]

[Image: 3.JPG]

[Image: 19.JPG]

[Image: 18.JPG]

[Image: rancho5_b.jpg]

[Image: 1.JPG]

[Image: 9.JPG]

[Image: rancho95.jpg]

This is sort of a "Wild West" role game which takes place every summer. More pics from the game here:
Looks like everyone's having a good time... Belka looks great backing through those poles. I like your hat, too, that's a nice one. And yep, if I wasn't already doing it, that lineup outside the saloon might get me interested in riding western too![8D]

This picture from the website looked really really cool though, the pony's coloring and the flying hair, wow:
[Image: 37.JPG]

To bad you haven't figured out how to have any fun yet! I think I'd like to book a ride on that covered wagon.[Wink] (Its just a ride on a wagon honey, don't pay it any mind!)

Most people in this country think of Russia as cold, dull, gray and boring. What an eye opener!
Most people in this country think of Russia as cold, dull, gray and boring.

It's exactly like this now in Moscow [xx(] Something terrible is happening with the climate! [8)]
Originally posted by Sara

It's exactly like this now in Moscow [xx(] Something terrible is happening with the climate! [8)]

This year there is a La Nina condition in the Pacific - Cool surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific (North American side) and warmer in the western Pacific (Asian side). This usually brings cooler wetter Winters and Springs to Oregon where I live. The Pacific being so big, it must have some affect on Russia as well. I saw one site that associated La Nina with below average precipitation in western Russia, consistent with your observation of lesser snow fall.
Until 4-5 years ago western as a style of riding was something completely alien in Russia - something from the movies and very-very far away. A typical reaction of a classical rider still is: "Oh, have you seen those shanks?! Of course, a horse will do anything!"

But as the number of horseowners grows, the interest starts to appear. Last two or three years the all-Russian annual equiestrian exhibition Equiros invites cowboys to promote western style there.

[Image: dced34e808467290622a9e82468bcba9.jpg]

Seminar about Western at Equiros
[Image: f_2963282.jpg]

Cowboys Nikita and Denis and their horses - Liza and her daughter Melissa
[Image: 2cowboy.jpg]

And this is the only (known) Russian saddlemaker who makes western saddles and tack (to the right). He has a typical Russian nickname Smit Smile
[Image: f_3155078.jpg]

Smit at the seminar on western tack
[Image: f_2963124.jpg]

One of Smit's saddles
[Image: f_3387931.jpg]

The only "unfortunate" thing about Smit is that he lives in the Far East - the most eastern part of Russia, which is much closer to California and Japan than to Moscow Smile

But of course, happy people who also live there in the Far East, don't use anything else but his saddles!
[Image: f_9014509.jpg]

[Image: f_9014532.jpg]

[Image: f_9611074.jpg]

[Image: f_9611093.jpg]

Fareastern "mustangs"
[Image: f_3421130.jpg]

and pumpkins Smile
[Image: f_9611102.jpg]

I've never been to that part of Russia and I'd love to, but it's soooo far away!!! A week by train or about 15 hours to fly!

Some more pictures from the exhibition - a typical Russian way of riding Smile
[Image: f_11080341.jpg]

[Image: f_11080432.jpg]

[Image: f_11080342.jpg]
Belka is gorgeous in show condition.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and the links. Your pictures are very well done.

It amazing how similar we are around the world. The land around Moscow is very different from my preconceptions.

Feel free to post more pictures. We can't get enough on the Forum.

Your Saddle maker makes beautiful saddles. I have never seen or heard of anyone hunting ducks on a horse, the girls are beautiful and the guys are good looking too.

Thanks again for sharing some of your life with us.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

"The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life. " Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Nice to meet you.....wonderful pictures, great looking horses and fun-loving people shots!

Here is one little girl who would rather clean a stall than her own room...
Here is one little girl who would rather wear chaps than a party dress...
Here is one little girl who would rather go to the barn than the mall...
Holy Smokes!

What an awesome group of photos!

I find it very interesting to see the confederate flag in a horses mouth in the former Soviet Union. ROFL

Russian cowboys, who da thunk it? Wow. I have to go check out this website Sara, thanks for sharing a glimpse into your country.

Oh and Belka looks great in the first photo.

I like the one of the horse in the water, too...I mean I like them all but where to start?!

Glad you enjoyed it! Smile

The guy with the gun in water didn't hunt ducks - he was just getting his horse used to shooting from her and he decided that being in water she won't ran away very fast Smile Although I personally would probably prefer her running than bucking me off into water Smile Fortunately the horse just ignored the shots Smile))

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