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Greenie Mare
I have two new questions.

Question One: Picaboo has been "clicking" in her joints. I don't know if it's her hips, legs, etc... Could this just be the weather or possible arthritis? We're planning on getting her some joint supplements... any thing worked for you guys?

Question Two: Picaboo also has a slight overbite. I never really put the two together until now... But everytime she eats something we give her- treatwise (Apples, carrots, peppermints...) She throws her head up in the air. Could this be her way of getting the food to go down properly because of her overbite or is this just something they do? I'm not around when they do daily feedings so I couldn't monitor that. But she doesn't have a problem keeping weight or any digestive issues. So I guess that's a good thing.

Any info will be greatly appreciated, thank you. ^.^
A Hearty Welcome to DE Tara & Picabo!! As you have already experianced the people here are WONDERFUL & Full Of HELP! WE LOVE PICS ALL OVER THE FORUM!! Don't be shy!! It sounds as though Pic is getting a great owner! We wish U the best of luck! Ann, Kylie, Di & Princess
Later Bye Bye
Love & Respect your horse & they will do the same for you!
Hi Tara,

Congrats on your new horse!

When you say she is "clicking" in her joints, is it her joints that you are hearing or possibly her hooves as she is moving. Many horses "over-reach" and also "interfere" (farrier terms) which is generally easily resolved with correct hoof/shoe fit/preparation. Have you had a farrier out since you brought her home? or know when the last time she was trimmed/shod? If you haven't I would recommend that done immediately. A farrier can help you by recommending a particular shoe for a particular discipline of riding. (or as Hook said, if she isn't ridden in very rocky areas, leave her barefoot for a period of time as recommended by your farrier)

The over-bite should be checked by your vet, if they don't have the necessary equipment to do teeth then check around and see if another vet in the area does teeth. I know it's difficult to remember everything that you wanted to ask your vet about when they got there, but making a note of things and having it with you when the vet arrives will help to ask "all the questions" you had previously thought of and have not gotten an answer about yet!

Am happy to hear that you and Picabo are doing well ....owning a horse is a gift and they've never failed to make life a better place!

Here is one little girl who would rather clean a stall than her own room...
Here is one little girl who would rather wear chaps than a party dress...
Here is one little girl who would rather go to the barn than the mall...
Hi Tara! I am new to the forum too. I became a new horse mommy in august. Mae Be Chiped is a bay mare, and sounds SOOOO much like picaboo! Are you going to show with her when she gets better trained? I show western with Mae. I am one year younger than you and have been riding for 5 years now. And don't worry about whether or not she's ever going to be the way you want her to be, because that's how I felt when I first got Mae, She was always spooking, and being a big baby Smile But now she is doing great, and shows promise of a good show horse, picaboo will certainly come along great. Good Luck!

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