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Anyone Familiar with "Chic Please"?
Honestly she is looking pretty sad right now. She has Rain Rot all over her back and hind end. Her Forelock is almost gone and her mane is okay but NOT 18-20 inches as I have been told it used to be....her tail also is all torn up and that too used to be to the ground. I will get pictures of her today and post them tonight or tomorrow. Then I will post more in a few months as she will look alot better. Right now I am going out to have a lesson on her. Since I have no training in cutting or reining and she is all trained for leg cues. I need to work with her and ME ( more then anything ) she is really soft in the mouth.....Thank You so much for the info....I can not wait to get her papers. ( They are coming in the mail )
I will send you my e-mail addy Hook.
[Big Grin]
P.S. Did I mention how sore I am from riding her??? LOL I am out of shape I feel like I am 100 years old.....Okay pictures will come I promise.
By the way the other QH Kruz is gone...Long story...the girl that owns him can not afford him but just for the sake of saying she owns a horse she moved him...I am sick over it because now he really won't get the care he is used to or needs. ( I guess I can not save the world ) But if he had not have left I never would have found "Maggie" [Smile] At least now I know that the horses in my barn are mine and they are here to stay FOREVER!!! Oh I went through an episode of "Choke" a little over a week ago with my TWH. Boy that was horrible! I changed my grain out...NO MORE PELLETS of any kind! NEVER do I want to deal with that again....I will post about that on another thread. I have questions as "Belle" is doing weird things with her throat more then ever.
Off to take my lesson!

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