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Knee wound
Hi to everyone:
Hope ya'll are doing well. Haven't been here in a bit.....having troubles with horrendous allergies, but I am doing better now.

I have a question for all you very intelligent horsemen.

A good friend has a lovely TWH mare that injured her knee on a panel gate. Has an up and down laceration . It's been treated at V Tech. veterinary school and hospital. After two weeks, she is finally at home. They sutered and put a caste on it for protection. It saeems to be healing well, but she has a real problem with her. They have removed the caste and just have it bandaged. It is still draining, so it's a fairly bulky bandage. Vet techs come out twice a week and re-dress it. BUT....she is tearing the dressing to pieces by the second day, and they are just using dry dressings and duct tape to try to keep it on.
Sorry for the loooooong story.
Now comes the question:
Is there any kind of protective gear that they can buy or keep her from doing this? She is stalled for at least another two weeks....and they are going nuts. They are afraid she will do some real damage to the wound.
Thanks for your kind attention. You are great guys! [Big Grin]

Go to the bulk food store and buy 1/4 cup or so of cayenne or red pepper. The finally ground stuff.

Put 4 or 5 tablespoons in a bowl and add about 1/2 to cup of powdered laundry detergent. Don't breath when you are doing this.

Add water to make a paste. Put on vinyl gloves and smear it over the bandage. I have yet to see a horse that will touch it.

Glad to hear from you again, I've been thinking about you.
Yep that normally works. They also have a neck cradle that makes it hard for the horses to reach wounds/wraps to mess with them.

I'm sure that once she is able the vets will give her some direction on stretching and working that knee so that she gains back as much movement as she can.

Tube socks can be helpful for covering a wound on a knee once it doesn't need to be wrapped just covered for turn out. Cut the toe off. Roll it up and place it over the CLEANED hoof, roll it up over the knee, grab the top of the sock and hold it in place and roll the rest of it back over the knee. Fix the top with vet wrap and duct tape. It won't last for long but it will last for awhile.

Another trick is a bell boot.
Maybe a Wonder collar. The kind used for wind suckers, would prevent her from getting her mouth to the knee.
Truth should be everpresent.
Mrs. Hook's cayenne recipe worked very well for me last winter. My filly just left it alone as soon as she smelled it. Of course she got a bit in her mouth a couple of times. This worked!
What a great tip.....

Mrs. Hook....I am in awe of your knowledge and wisdom....thanks for being here for all of us to learn from!


This info will come in handy ....if/when I need it I'll know what to do!

P.S. I'm sorry to hear about the mare....and hope things work out for you .....
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I am dealing with a knee wound right now too. (see grooming and health forum "the vet just left")

I am using fly spray, and cayenne pepper. It is working as well.

My horse has a telfa pad, then gauze, then vetwrap. On top of this we have thick large quilts, and polo type wraps over them. The whole leg is basically wrapped, and very thickly, so there is no chance of the flyspray/cayenne pepper soaking through to the wound.

Never thought of laundry soap, it would be a good mix! LOL
Ride safe, return safe.

How Interesting.
I never knew about that paste mix.

A Get Well Soon to all out there dealing with these wounds!

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How is this wound doing???
Any info for an update??
Ride safe, return safe.


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