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too long stirrups
hey chuck - or anybody

i bought a dakota saddle - oh who knows about a year ago - only rode in it a couple of times - the stirrups are too long and school started
should i order shorter stirrups from dakota ( since these ones are tooled) or should i just see if the saddle shop in the stocks yards can cut them down a bit?
any one know which would be more cost efficient?
thanks guys!
Have you pulled the fenders as far up as you can? If the saddle shop isn't far you can take them in and see what they say. It may or may not be cheaper depending on what they have to do to them.
How tall are you? Many times, if you have a leather hole punch, you can add additional holes to shorten the fenders. Otherwise, Dakota can make up new fenders.

Horse Saddle Shop
well, i have them all the way up - but the way the fender is shaped - you'd have to cut the leather on the side to make it go up any more - through the bottom of the stirrup if i added holes to it- but you can't take much off because then you would cut into the tooling on the (swell)? i guess that is what it is called?
i'm 5'1 and w/ the stirrups all the way up and my legs hanging down i have like 3 inches to spare.
thanks for the reply's everyone!
I have fixed this problem for clients before.

Most fenders are riveted to the stirrup strap, at the top, where it goes under your side jockey.
Its fairly simple job. You (the saddlesmith) remove the rivets, cut down the top of the fender, and re-rivet it back to the strap. Care needs to be taken that the trimmed off part is not going to show, below the jockey. Of course, if a taller rider uses the saddle, you will see the top of the fender.

It is a choice to be made by the owner, as it is a permanent alteration. The saddle will still be usable to taller riders, but may not be as pretty with the top of the fender showing, and could possible cause a comfort issue, if there is rubbing on the thighs, for the taller person.

It should cost ALOT less, than buying new fenders, but it is permanent.
Hope this helped you make a decision.
Ride safe, return safe.

thanks everybody i'll let ya know how it turns out - until then i just ride stirrupless

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