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Any published writers here?
I have written a children's story book. I believe it will sell very well. So how do you get something published and not get ripped off?
Research, my friend, research. I, too, hope to be published, but I write science fiction. I do have one story online, but I wouldn't advise doing that if you wish to be published. Most publishing houses won't touch an online novel for publication because it is considered published once it's online.

If you want to get published, there are certain steps you must take if the aquisitions editor is to even give your submission a second glance. I would suggest that you buy a copy of "The Complete Idiots Guide to Getting Published". It is very clear and concise and gives you an easy to understand look at the publishing process, how it works, and how to prepare your work for publication... along with the correct proceedures to follow for you to get submitted. I have also read "Getting Your Book Published for Dummies", but the "Idiots" book is by far the better of the two and is updated every year to keep current with the latest publishing trends.

Is there a Border's bookstore near you? The one I go to in Fort Wayne has a great reference section with everything about writing you can shake a stick at. This is where I got the books to research getting published, and most of these stores don't mind if you read the books without buying them if you read them in the store. And I have noticed several books there on writing children's books. Give it a try. You may be surprised.

One word of advise: From what I've read from several different sources is that to become a published author of children's books is by far the hardest field to break in to. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it seems that most publishers of children's book rely on the authors that are already in this field over newcomers. I wish you well, and hope that I've been of help.

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Thanks, I'll look into that book.
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