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'07 DE Ride a Success!!
There were a few frustrations for some but everyone made it one way or another to MTR! I'll let everyone post their own details but I had a wonderful time. It was great to meet the Hooks, OTW, Beccajane & Tuffy and visit with Parrothead & Mr. Parrothead, TagnRocky and her sidekick, Debi (a.k.a. Lucy & Ethel), Bethann, Ginger & EZ. We REALLY missed Flooper, Saddletramp, Budman & Appygirl who made the first ride.

Camp was hot as usual but the forestry had the A/C on so the rides were pleasant. I didn't take many pictures because Hook & Ginger were clicking away so they can share the Kodak moments but it was great fun and some good riding! I'll try to post the few keepers I did take soon though.

Chuck provided some VERY generous gift cards which everyone loved and some other very nice gifts which were much appreciated. Because OTW traveled the farthest, she got first pick of the goodies and chose the very nice hay bag! Hooks traveled the next farthest and chose a beautiful headstall. We picked a number for the horn bags and Bethann won those....too darn bad she doesn't have a horn and passed them along to her bestest friend.... me! [Big Grin] Thanks to Chuck for all of the gifts and for Daily Equine. Without this forum, we wouldn't have an excuse for a trail ride. LOL!

Once again, the staff at MTR were wonderful and the facilties top notch! OTW can give details but they came through for her when she needed some big time help. The only thing I don't like about MTR is the food..... I eat TOO much and GAIN weight there!

I just busting to tell you guys about something very special someone did for someone else and share a pic but I'll wait till that someone posts. [^]

and Chuck.... no matter what the others say, unlike ST, I really really DID hand out all the saddles you sent. [Wink] I hope you can be at the next DE ride and hand them out yourself. [Wink]

We aren't sure of the details but do know that there WILL be another DE Ride so start planning NOW to attend!

P.S. Flooper.... we have a CD of most of the pics taken at the '07 DE Ride. [cool1] I'm still waiting on pics from the first ride. ROFL!
rofl....Glad that you had a great time!! Yeah, I loved the temp change from camp to the forest...ain't nature wonderful?!

Thanks for sharing, PG! Can't wait to see pics!!

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but she loved a good man and she rode good horses"
It was a success, I did get to meet everyone, however I didnt get to ride with the DE crew. Got in at almost 3:00 pm and got my dog, hubby and Legend settled. All the DE riders had already ridden for the evening so I rode with some friends around 9:30 that night. Legend did great, now Sat. thats a different story.....he was not a good horse, I've not seen him this bad in ages! I was going to ride with the DE crew but he was behaving sooooo badly that if I got tossed or something the friends that came to Midwest with me, they've been around him and would probably know what to do. Basically, I didnt want to ruin the DE riders time this weekend! It was sooo bad, I am sooo sore (didnt get tossed, but pulling and fighting with him for 6hrs. (thats how long we rode on Sat) I am absolutely sore and wore out!) I will post what pics I got tomorrow after I get them developed. Once again, sorry I didnt ride with all that came to MTR, but it was great to meet everyone!
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Loved it !!!! Made new friends and rode out with different groups each day and Gotone even cantered with no bucking !!! YEE HAW!!!There was an endurance ride there that kept everyone on their toes and our canpfire get togethers were great !!Next time I hope to meet even more people from the group.
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I could have stayed forever! Made me wish it had been a week-long event! When I left, it was with the feeling that I hadn't gotten to spend nearly the time with people that I'd have liked to.

I got there around noon on Thursday, bumped into the Parrotheads, and waited for OTW and the Hooks to arrive. Think it was about 6:30 or 7 that OTW finally made it in (I'll let HER tell that story when she returns home!) A lady came walking by, leading a paint horse, and looking at me expectantly. I just kind of stared back...trying to think who it was! Looked a little bit like Paintgal, and had similiar horse, yet something was not quite right. FINALLY, it dawned on me that this was OTW and Cloud! She must have been thinking I was very rude not to have greeted her right off, but it honestly took me quite a while to figure out who she was!

Can't remember if the Hooks arrived before or after OTW (I guess I was SO excited, that I can't remember it all!), and it was great to meet them, too.

We got settled in for the night, and took a short ride together on Friday morning. Cloud may be 20 years old, but, boy, can she move out! Little Warsong had to really hustle to keep up with her. As PG mentioned, there was an endurance ride held this weekend. Most riders were very considerate, and would slow down and give us warning before passing, but some just rushed by. Warsong had a bit of trouble with that, and got pretty excited. It turned out to be a good training experience for her, though.

When OTW and I returned from our ride, we found that Redhawk had arrived, and I believe Tagnrocky (and Debi), Beth, and PG were not far behind. They got settled in, and several of us set out for a ride.

Most of our riding was done on Saturday...Redhawk, Bethann, and I ride to the Hickory Ridge horse camp, and Tag, Debi, PG, and OTW trailered over there. We met for lunch, and rode some more.

After another short ride this morning, it was time to leave, as much as I hated to! Couldn't find Mrs. Hook to say goodbye, but saw Mr. Hook and OTW.

Already looking forward to the next ride!

Sounds like everyone had a great time. My plans to join in on the fun fell right through the floor with Tuff's lameness. I hope he gets well soon. I considered coming up on Saturday but knew the desire to ride would be so great and the inability to do so would be just stayed home, but I can't tell you how many times I thought of you guys throughout the day (and weekend for that matter). I'm hoping that by the time the next DE Ride rolls around I'll have something to ride, whether it be mind or borrowed.


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The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
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Yep, it was definitely a success! What a wonderful group of people. Lots of riding, eating, meeting, greeting, eating, gabbing, laughing and, did I mention, eating?!!!! My only regret is that I was too busy having fun to get many pictures! Thank you, Chuck for the goodies. What a wonderful surprise! Here's a few pics to whet your appetite until Hook gets home and posts.
Parting shot of some of the DE'rs.
Debi(aka Lucy, my friend), OnTheWay, tagnrocky, Paintgal, bethann.
[Image: lucyonthewaytagnrockypaintgalbethan.jpg]
The Hooks astride
[Image: thehooks.jpg]
[Image: beccajane.jpg]
OntheWay & Cloud with bethann in background
[Image: Ontheway.jpg]
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
Free & easy down the trail I go......
My gosh, there is some similarity between OTW and PG. No wonder you were confused, EZ.

PG, I see you had your donkey tail out in fine fashion and Joe is sporting his way cool fly mask.

Man does not have the only memory,
The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
- Claude Kuwanijuma - Hopi Spiritual leader

Here are a couple of pics that aren't too fuzzy!

[Image: hooks_becca.jpg]

We weren't sure that the Hooks actually RODE their horses since no one had seen them ON them (another story that Hook can share) but finally they did climb on! Fern, Becky and Ed are heading out for an afternoon ride.

[Image: hook.jpg]

Hookie is we haven't seen him a few times already over the past year or so.... ROFL! Profit had already moved into the shade so his pic didn't turn out. Sorry this one is a bit fuzzy.

[Image: ez_rh.jpg]

RH & Terra and EZ & Warsong are ready for their Sunday morning ride.

I wish all of us could have stayed longer. The time we were there was just TOO short! Unless there have been changes in plans, the Hooks and OTW were planning on leaving Tuesday morning. The Hooks were driving straight through and would be home Tuesday evening and OTW was expecting to spend 2 nights on the road. Fingers crossed that they both have safe no-problem easy trips!

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I don't think you ever get to spend as much time in the saddle as you'd like to. The time always rushes by too quickly; even when you do get to spend a week.

Man does not have the only memory,
The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
- Claude Kuwanijuma - Hopi Spiritual leader


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