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I baaaaack!!! (Again!)
Hi there! I dont know if you guys remember me, I was the one who had the sweet arabian mare who the owners wanted back, then got Buddy who was lame and I tried and tried and tried to make him right, so its been along while, but I got a new horse! I have had her for about 5 weeks now and I named her Bindi--she is a QH mare 12 years old sorrel with a blaze and she is a sweetheart! I will send pics when I get some! She was used all up as a ranch horse, and so I am working with her on the ground and also doing some training under saddle to help get her manners back and refining her a little more. I just really want to trail ride, and she is good for that but she does get in a hurry to go places, tries to trot off alot, and she also tries to eat on the trail--anyways, I just wanted to share a quick story about what happened to me out on the trail yesterday.

I am still learning to "get my seat" I still dont feel confident cantering/loping but I am slowly building up my confidence again. I have been watching alot of Clinton Andersons DVD's and have taught Bindi to flex to the halter and the bit/bridle. We have also been working alot in the gaining respect and control dept. So, yesterday on the trail, she spooked pretty well and I wasnt sure just how far her panick would go, cause I have not experienced this with her yet....
I felt that quick panic at first, just trying to hold on ("Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! AAAAggghhhh! (heart beating a million miles a minute), then all of a sudden it snapped in me and I grabbed that rein and pulled her neck around and she finally gave to the pressure then I flexed her on the other side! Potential disaster avoided by my one rein stop/flexing!!!! So this stuff works and I felt so great about gaining control and not panicking!!!! [Big Grin] Yaaaaah!

What a confidence builder! Knowing you can get things back under control is SO important! I think everyone regardless of ability/discipline etc. should have something like that tool to get their horse under control in that type of situation!
Anyways, just wanted to share!
I will send pics really soon--I havent taken a whole lot yet because the weather here has not been cooperating!
Congrats on your horse horselvr. Too bad buddy didn't work out. Anxious to see pics.

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