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'07 DE Trail Ride!
I thought we ought to mention the proposed ride under a new post so members realise there is a discussion going on in [url=""]this thread[/url].

Looks like June 15-17 has been proposed for a trail ride at [url=""]Midwest Trail Ride[/url] in Indiana. Here is information about rates that I posted in the other thread:

There is a rate for cabins & bunkhouses PLUS the daily fee. Stalls & bedding are included. There was mention of a 10% discount for groups with 20 or more.

Cedar Log Cabin Rent: $45.00 plus camping fee, per night per cabin plus 6% sales tax.

Bunk House Rent: $20.00 plus camping fee, per night per bunkhouse plus 6% sale tax.

The columns for the prices didn't copy correctly but if you squint, you can figure it out!

Open Camping (per person per night) Fee Adult Youth Child
Electric $16 $12 Free
Primitive $11 $6 Free
Day Riding $5 $5 Free
Extra Stalls $10 $10 $10

Note: Youth (4-16) Child (0-3)
Add 6% Sales Tax. Group rates available upon request


Buffet Adult Youth (4-16) Child (0-3)
Breakfast $6.95 $4.00 Free
Lunch $6.95 $4.00 Free
Dinner $9.25 $5.00 Free

and they offer a sack lunch for the trail.

So a cabin would cost the $45 PLUS $16.00/per day/per person PLUS the 6% sale tax.

Tent camping, LQ or campers pay $16.00/per day/ per adult plus the ever present TAX!

The June date looks good to me! There is a group (Indiana Arabian Club - Distance 6/15-17) that will be there but that weekend is still listed as "open".

Of course I'm in....we already have reservations for that weekend! We are actually coming up Sat(16th) AM early and staying until Mon (18th)afternoon. The stalls down the middle are all new. A tornado took out the old one's about a year ago. They are all very nice. They even have stud stalls. Each time I have been, they have been pleasantly accomodating. I am so looking forward to this!
Wow, Sounds like fun! I hope you all have a fantastic time![Smile] Take pictures!!!![Big Grin][Smile]

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Even if I cannot stay the weekend I will be up for a day ride at least! I am planning for camping.....just as long as work doesnt get in the way. Ya know its a shame we all have to work but I guess thats how we support our "horsey habits"
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Count me in! PG, wanna share a cabin?

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I'm in. I'll have to get one of those AC cabins tho'. I know...wimpy, wimpy wimpy.
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
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Me, too...I do think the bunkhouses are okay, though, but if anyone wants to share a cabin...let me know!

I think if things worked out we would drive down on the Thursday and back on the Tuesday. Make a bit of a Holiday of it.
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I'm up for a cabin! I did get a tent last year for tent camping but..... tent vs. cabin?? Somehow, I think a cabin would be more comfy!
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I'd love to come. Are you sure the date isn't a typo and you meant July?
We'll be going from IN to SD with horses, trail riding both ways and when we get there.
But I hate missing the DE get-together.
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