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Any Oregon or Washington Horse campers Here??
Hi! I am kinda new here also - I am in Bend, Or. I haven't camped yet, but hope to this summer. We are planning a trip to the Oregon Coast with the horses - Which campground do you like the best? I am open to any advice you have for horse camping!

I have 8 horses (only one butt, but 8 horses - as my husband so kindly likes to point out!!!) 3 newfs, and a Havanese. Three of the horses are rescues - I hope to place a couple this summer. One of the mares is 35.5 years old, our daughters first horse, and we keep thinking she won't make it thru another winter, but she's doing well.

WendyP/Bend, Oregon
WendyP/Bend, OR
[Image: DSCF0009.jpg]
Wendy..This picture at Nehalem Bay State Park/Horse Camp..Theres a lot of beach they let you ride on..We were there in July of 2006 It is a reservation camp and if you are planning for this summer better check now because reservations go FAST..Our neighbors reserved two sites for around the 23rd of July and got two but not the ones they wanted.. I think there are 15 horse camp sites each with two corrals water close by for both horses and people.. There are portable toilets nearby and the rv section has showers for the campers.. We have shower in our trailer but if you don't access to shower is a plus!
I love your area of the state and for about ten years we owned property at Crooked River Ranch near Terrebonne.. Planned on retiring there but got too attached to the property here and the taxes here are much we sold Our crooked River property..

WE and a group from a msn horse group will be camping for a week at Sheep Springs Horse Camp near Camp Sherman outside of Sisters Oregon..We will be there June 23rd thru 29th 2007..This is the second year at Sheep Springs for us and the group..picture below of the group!!
[Image: DSCF0610-1.jpg]
We like Sheep springs also Quinn Meodows-(by Mt. Batchlor) also Cultus HC near Cultus Lake.. Sorry about length here..
Must gallop
Howdy LaVonne,
We are very familiar with Scappose and St. Helens, OR I worked for railroad in NW Portland and drove thru Scappose everyday up into 2002 when I retired..My wife is younger and is still working in Hillsboro, OR.. I manage to keep busy here on the acreage.. Weather is keeping me pretty much indoors lately..been a strange winter with some bad wind storms.. We are only a hour from the coast and they have gotten some 120 mph winds which by the time it gets here is maybe 60-70..but bad enough with all the trees we have around here!! We lost power for three days with one of these storms.. I have a generator so no worry..
We were in Spray Oregon to look at camp in November.. Spent the night in Mitchell ..heres a picture taken in Mitchell..
[Image: DSCF0056.jpg]
Better gallop
Mitchell is pretty close to home there! (My child=hood). My parents currently live near Mt. Vernon. That (Mitchell) is rattlesnake country, boy are they abundant!
Did'nt see any snakes but expect they are there..It was deer hunting season but pleasant weather.. Mitchell is also home to Henry the Bear..
Guess I have been lost in america??lol BUT I am back!!

Hey, welcome back, ole-bean! Whatcha been up to?

We have had a terrible winter with a flood cresting on December 3rd. Didn't get in the house or barn so we have lucked out again!!
The picture below is at Cultus Lake in central Oregon with our friends Lyn and Larry..I am the guy talking to the dog Maggie.. Lyn is the photographer..My wife is in the water cooling her feet!

[Image: CultusLakeSept2007.jpg]
We're in Eastern Washington, Pasco to be precise. Just a couple of hours to meet you on the coast for some riding. We've got some nice trails out here too if you get out this way!
Mary P
Married to John, mom to two energetic kids and host to three dogs, two cats, three horses and one steer.

So, they can't have all the fun out there in the midwest... mtn rider in B.C. and I were talking about doing a northwest DE ride sometime this summer.... you interested??

'plash in Seattle

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