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Anyone keep Horse Magazines I need HELP.
Well, I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that has hoarding issues. LOL! I just recently tossed a bunch of Southern Living magazines that were anywhere from 4-10 years old! It was painful let me tell you! Now, I have more room for stashing all those horsy mags.

I would like to organize articles in some way. I've spent hours flipping through the mags looking for articles I KNOW I read....somewhere...sometime. [confused2 There are stacks upstairs in a spare room & bunches stuffed under the end table by my chair and more scattered here and there through the house. I did get one of those accordian style folders with the hopes of starting to organized them in some way but I suffer from Stormie's "hate to ruin books" syndrome. [Sad]

I need help. I admit it..... I'm a magazine hoarder!
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Originally posted by EZ2SPOT

Actually, I think the best thing to do is to get rid of most of them! Very rarely do I ever go back to look something up.

THANKS A LOT, VICKI! Just when I was showing my wife this thread to show her how normal I was, you have to go and throw in some common sense. Jeez.
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Good morning.

I save them for a year and then out they go. Geeeeze, even saying it hurts. lol. But I have found that whatever question comes up, I can either look it up on the magazine's website, or just ask all the great folks on this lovely forum. Always got an answer I could use.
I used to save them for years and years....but I had piled LOTS of them on the shelf in my guestroom closet. And at 3AM one morning, with guests sleeping in the room, the whole darn thing fell down. What an exciting hilariuos night that was. People running around half nekkid , dogs barking.....everyone afraid we had been bombed. hahahah

Now I stick to my guns, and at ONE year out they go....usually to a 4 H group or a local horsey kid.
I do however make exceptions to that rule. Anything really special, I cut and keepin plastic sleeves in a binder. or if the whole magazine features one of my favorite breeds, I keep the whole thing. But they are on a floor shelf in the guest room closet...don't want another surprise like the last one.
I also have the COMPLETE collection of John Lyon's "PERFECT HORSE", from the first one published....that's a lot of years.
Have a great day!
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One thing I did with the pulled apart magazines. I took the emergency medical information and put in a red binder in the barn, so I will always have that information there.

Information, like colic symptoms and what to do about it, what constitutes a real emergency and when to call the vet, where and how to give shots, how to deal with a serious cut - or a non-serious one, what is a horses's normal temp, respiration and where and how to find it.

The type of thing if someone who is not really horsy - like kids, or neighbours - who are doing your chores and there is a problem, its easy to say "Look in the red book". Also, because our thermometers are in Celsius and I still think in Fahrenheit we also printed out a conversion chart that is in the book. You could also make a baseline temp and resp of each horse so you don't have to try to remember.
I just keep the ones that I really really really like the rest I actually bind up and take to our local auction and sell. many times I actually make more than what the subscription cost me............people can be really dumb sometimes...........[Big Grin]
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Day Two of the first assult on the Evil Magazine population that is taking over my home.

So far so good. Made a dent, a small one but still one. I set up a system of file folders with topics like Health, Training, Hooves, Feeding, Breeding, Tack...etc I cut the binding off a magazine and flip through it pulling out the bad stuff and putting it in one pile and the good stuff in another pile. I paper clip anything that is more then one page(but this causes a problem, see below). After that magazine is in piles I grab my stack of folders and put each item in it's folder. Anything that is a series I put in the back of the folder with all of them stuck in a big paper clip because I'm not going through the mabazines in order. That would have required me to haul the whole collection(is it called a collection when it is this large! lol) into the livingroom and that wasn't going to work. Then I move on to the next.
Unlike some I am keeping(for now) the indexes out of each. I'm doing this simply to keep trace of how many. Put it up there with the "Thou shalt not harm a book" idea, I need my little odd things from time to time and this is one of them. All will be tossed at the end of this.

The Problems with Paper Clips. Such simple things, should harm a flea, heack a guy once traded one little red one for a house(in a round about way) but paper clips cause problems. After doing 24 magazines I found that not only is my "health" and "Training" folders too thick to handle easily but that every file ends up with one corner thicker then the rest so they don't stay stacked. And the other problem caused by paper clips...or my lack of foresigth is that I do not have an endless supply of them. So I had to break down and dig out the binders, page colors, lable maker(I know how can someone as Organize challege as me own a lable maker! Big Grin) and set down with the health and training to put them into binders. I figured since the rest of the file folders are nearly empty I can just wait on those until the next trip to Office Max to get the binders and stuff for them. So I group things in each. As I do this I was able ti weed out a few more things that I just didn't feel like putting into those protectors.

Why do this when some can live happily without keeping this pile of dead trees? It's called Weaning. I can't just go cold turkey. Maybe as the years go by more articles out of this first(really first and second) weeding will be tossed. But There are some things I want. Yes a lot of the training things I will remember if I have a need for them at that time and use them so that they stay in my blonde brain. The trouble with that is that there are things I know I can't use right now but that will use in the future like the articles on Jumping, Cutting, etc. I don't have a jumper right now and I haven't for about 5 yrs but I would like to get back into it. Cutting I would love to get into but can't right now. So this things get kept. Anything on Reining also. Things like Colic, Founder,ect. Yes I can look it up the net but I had weeding through a websearch and sometimes the magazine doesn't have a website with a search able full length articles or you have to Sub. to them to get them.
The biggest reason I am doing this is so that I can walk into the house, grab the binder on training head back out and give a student a couple articles to read or if someone is dealing with WLD or IR I can have articles on hand to help them. Actually for both of those I have huge binders already but now I can add more to them.
Sorry, Hmeyer!!! But I will confess...I do have a box of old Equus magazines out in my shed. I have hauled it out to the curb several times, only to go out & bring it back in before the trash truck comes!

But most of my magazines are given away. Like regret says, you can find the same info online...or, for those of you who have subscribed to magazines for several years, have you noticed how they tend to repeat themselves? There will be a "how to" article, and a couple of years down the road, the same info will be run again. There is only so much REALLY new stuff that magazines can print, so they tend to recycle alot. New pictures, maybe a slightly different way of putting the words together...but the SAME info!

I don't care if they do repeat or if I can go online. Nothing like being able to just walk into a room, grab what you want and give it to someone you want when you have Dial up and have to wait to connect, search all over for it, wait for the photos to load and then print off. Instead of needed to checking 5 or 6 websites I have it all in one neat place to scan through. Much more time saving. And if after that I want more info I can go on line later when I have more time.

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