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Is there a forum where we can post photos just for photos sake? I know we can post them in the other forums on the subjects we are writing about. But I am looking for a forum to post "just because" photos. Like a nice shot of my Border Collie, a cute picture of our pet possum, or a great angle on a wild flower. I take lots of pics and I would love to share them if there was a place for that.
Check out this link. Photobucket is pretty good with the ability to have different albums and it's free.
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If you want to post them to Daily Equine...start a topic under Saddle Shop's an area for everything....does this help?

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Yes, thankyou. I have a photobucket account and use it for posting on several forums. I just didn't know where on DE to post photos when I just wanted to share a pic with everyone.
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