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'Honest ' opinions needed ...Please
I've been looking on and off for a horse for my husband and would really appreciate any and all honest opinions on this 7 yr old QH gelding (trained western) before I considering purchasing him.
He is said to be approx 16.2 hh. Not a great pic.. sorry its the only pic I've got. Though muscular .. his ribs are showing abit. Also any opions or guesses as to what some would be consider to be a fair price-range if I was to make an offer?

[Image: 1.jpg]
He looks like a healthy well put together horse, solid legs and decent conformation. I wouldn't worry bout the ribs, a bit of good balanced feeding will correct that in short order.

It's a buyer's market right now almost everywhere. I would check the local horses for sale listings in your area and do a search sorted for your area.

In our part of the world, Southern Ontario, you should be able to get this horse for around $1,000 or less. Make a very low offer and work from there.
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Thank you for the feedback!! I really do appreciate it and the advise on pricing! Thank-You again!!
I dont know about conformation etc but with a bit of weight on he would be a very nice looking horse.
WOW Hook in your area you could get a horse like that for 1000.00 thats great i think i will move over there lol.
I agree with Hook's assessment. And maybe because he needs groceries, his price will reflect that. And don't forget to have a vet check done prior to purchase.

If he vet checked with flying colors, was safe, sane and sound, and fit my idea of what I'd be looking for, I'd be willing to pay $1500+....more, depending on his level of training and suitability.

Good luck! Keep us updated! Smile

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I've noticed that there are more horses than usual for sale around my area as well. And many of the horses have sold far below than what they were for the last couple of years.
Looks like we're see if we can get him...
Chuck would it be possible from even the pic to give some recommendations as to which saddles I should consider looking into? Like my other horse.. he does need to gain some weight.. this one's current owners say he's built like a tank.
The price will also be determined by how well broke he is and what he can do. It's hard to say what he's worth not knowing what he's good at, personality, etc. For example, really well-broke, level-headed trail or team-penning horses around here tend to sell fast and go for more because that's what people are looking for. Green broke, or horses that have only been trail riding a few times are pretty much a dime a dozen. What all can the horse do? good of a rider is your husband? I'm guessing he might be a beginner, since you're doing the looking for him. I would be looking for a horse that is very suited for a beginner...very well broke with lots and lots of miles on don't find many 7 year olds like that, and when you do, they tend to cost quite a bit because that's a dream horse...only 7 years old but with lots and lots of experience. You can usuallly find older ones with a lot of experience (say 15 to 20 years old) for cheaper because obviously they are older. Hope this helps and good luck!! Keep us posted on your search.

I think Saddle and Hook have the price about right. If he's average broke and level-headed, about $1000 to $1500 is what I'd pay. But, If he is super broke and the kind of horse you could put anyone on, and being only 7 years old, I'd go as high as $2500.

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