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You Gotta Love Rednecks - Venting Session
Ahhh...I see what you mean, Hmyer. Good points...and you clearly knows what you are talking about. I guess you have to have things like that in place to keep people from pressing charges and demanding arrests for every little incident. I'd still be mad, though!![Big Grin][Big Grin]

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Thanks, for your professional input, hmeyer. Wish you could have been the deputy responding to this call. ;o) If something similar to what you described is the case here, then why couldn't the officer have explained that rather than taking the stand he did and acting like he was 'bothered' by having to be there at all. I wasn't asking for an arrest; but he didn't even make out a report. He didn't even say one corrective thing to the irrate neighbors (adults), but he was sure happy to dish it out on the kids.

I have just gotten off the phone with the Sheriff in a conversation that found him very helpful and understanding. He strongly recommends that I file charges of wanton endangerment and terroristic threatening against the neighbors. He also gave me the advice to get all of the kids who were there and witnessed the incidents to write down exactly what they saw happen, and to then take those written witness statements to the county prosecutor. He offered his help in getting me the names of the neighbors, as well.

He did concur that it is not customary to write a report for every incident as the force is too strapped on manpower (they only have one officer to work the eastside and one to work the westside of the county on any given shift.)

He agreed that the Officer should have said more to the adults about their behavior than he did. He advised he would speak with the officer about this incident.

All in all, I found the sheriff very helpful and feel that he was concerned with what had happened.

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I'm glad the sheriff was more supportive and gave you advice to help you take action & I hope he talks to the deputy about his response and how he could have been more helpful.

Keep us posted on the situation!
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Thats good news about the sherriff actually listening about your concerns do as he says then there are records etc of the occurence and may be of benefit in the future if any more problems arise (sorry if my spelling is bad oops)
My husband and I currently work in law enforcement, we have invested a lot of years into "law" enforcement and I tell you what, if we responded to a call were an assault took place where juveniles or adults were involved and left without taking a report our *@@##'s would be in a sling before we made it back to the station. The deputy should have taken a report whether he thought charges would be filed or not, that is not his decision to make that is the district attorney's decision to file charges. I would think it is laziness on his part and if he is already burnt out on job then he should hang it up. I'm sorry that happened to you and daughter, it sucks when you don't feel confident in your local police agencies to protect you from all the idiots out there.

Also I would have to agree with everyone else, if little miss thing would have been in my face pointing a finger, saying horrible things about my child she would have been digging it out of her @#*@.

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