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log in window every time I view a new page?
Everytime I view a different page (different topics for example) a small window pops up asking me to log in.
Is there a setting I must enter? Is anyone else having this problem?
Is your browser set to accept cookies? If it can't accept cookies, I believe that you will have to log-in with every topic....maybe, but I could be wrong. I have a very slight version of the same problem once in a while.....never with every topic that I open, but I've always figured that my cache was full so it was dumping some.

Where are our 'puter gurus when we need 'em?? hehehe

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but she loved a good man and she rode good horses"
I appreciate the reply.
No, I haven't changed a setting.
I can check the cache.
Can I add my own Avtar instead of the ones you have to pick from?
Check out this post on how to create an Avatar.
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