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Athena Confirmation Shot
Okay all, I'd like honest opinions. I got a shot to the side that's pretty good, though it's not an extreme close up. I'm 5'11" so that gives you an idea of how tall she is. She's 21 months this month, part TB part Quarter Horse. Thanks!

[Image: 21months.jpg]
Overall a pretty nice looking filly. Nice head and eye. My guess is that she is about 13 hands which is a bit below average for her age.

Nicely balanced. Good shoulder and pastern angles. I would prefer to see a bit more depth to her hip to balance her nice front end.

Nice baby.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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Good guess, Hook! I've measured her at about 13 hands, which is half a hand taller than when I brought her home in Feb. She's still filling out at an alarming rate (she was underfed when I bought her) and right now she looks a little higher in her rear than in front (growth spurt coming, perhaps?). I'll post another in a few months to show how she's growing. I love her color! Since getting good nutrition her coat has really started to shine!
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