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Here comes Cloud also
Hook, all VERY good suggestions, thanks a lot! I believe farrier had the western saddle even farther forward than what you describe, but if so, not by much. (And it DOES want to lift a bit in the back, which is really consistent with what you're describing.)

I will definitely try your suggestions starting with the English saddle. (Its seat is level.) Since I have sooo much trouble with this and have probably confused myself along the way, what I'll do is start with NO pad, and slide the English back far enough until it is level (whether that puts it in ideal position or not). And photograph it so we can see what I'm starting with. Then move it forward to where I think it "should" be (supporting the back of saddle as necessary with suggested towel until it's level) and photo that. If the latter appears to be right placement, all things considered, then a corrective pad may solve the whoooooole problem!

The more I look at those two photos, the more I think two things -- (1) they are really b-a-a-a-a-d photos with dirt and shadows in all the wrong places (it looks like some of her muscles are literally sagging which is not the case); and (2) that it ain't just my inexperience, her rather weird withers/top line present some valid problems in saddle placement. And what you see of her top line is what we get! Both angles are pretty representative of how they are.

This gives me some definite hope, because when that western saddle was placed farther forward than I had it, there was SUCH a difference in riding her canter. (And if I'm positioned so I feel I'm riding on square wheels, I worry about how I must feel to her!)

Oh, I'm so glad I asked! Corrective pad, sheeesh, if that'll fix it and I won't have to be worrying that the saddle is messing with her body, then I will be one happy camper!

Big smooooch!!!
Hook, thanks for the offer. Sat. I put both western and english saddles on her and was all set to go with the photos only to discover camera is doing some weird thing. Photos seemed to take, but aren't on the card. (??) However, in the process of positioning each of the saddles, I really looked things over and I think BOTH saddles could go farther forward than I've been putting them, so it may be more pilot error than her. I will try doing that "as is" to start with and see how it works. If not though, Stateline has a high back English underpad that they said I can try out and return if not right. If that ends up being needed, and it works, I'll peruse Chuck's website for a Western counterpart.

Thanks much,

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