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Here's my girl
This is Skyy and she is two almost three
[Image: 049_49.jpg]
Skyy is a very nice looking filly. Looks like she's still going through a growing spurt with hindquarters a little higher than her withers; but that normally will even out. She has really nice legs; nice long pastern. Great tailset. Healthy coat; nicely dappled (sign of good health).


Man does not have the only memory,
The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
- Claude Kuwanijuma - Hopi Spiritual leader

She is beautiful, i don't know confirmation but she sure is pretty.
OK, clue me in, dont be afraid to hurt my feelings, i have no idea about conformation, or even what i should have been looking for when i bought her. i actually was "JUST LOOKING", but something about her spoke to me.

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