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Saddle Size comparisons.
Hi, I have a a question about saddle sizing.

What size Aussie saddle is equal to a Western Sadddle.
and the same with English?? Are english Sizes and Aussie Sozes the same?? How do you measure the gullet on the western saddle??

Please Help??[?]

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HI from Canada, Welcome to the board.
Chuck will know for sure but I don't think there is any difference in sizing.


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Yes, English and Aussie measure the same size, which is 2" larger than Western.

The gullet is the horizontal measurement, under the gullet, between the two conchos at the bottom of the pommel. That is the finished product measurement, but not the raw tree measurement.


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Originally posted by Cowgirltuff97

Hi, I have a a question about saddle sizing.

At the end, "sizing" will alwasy stay the same as it used to.

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