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First time horse owner and scared
(06-03-2020, 02:32 AM) Wrote: I went to look at the sweetest gentlest 6 yo gelding I have seen.  I bought him.  Now that he is home with me he seems to be a different horse.  The first few days were ok but now he is acting like he wants to stomp on me when I get close.  He was a orphan and bottle fed so he is always in your space.  When I try and get him out of my space he doesn't like it.  I tried to do ground work with him and as soon as he started going around me he reared at me.  Not very high but it still scared me.  I know I have to show him I am the herd leader but I don't know how now that he has scared me.  Please help!  I want the horse I first met.  I have only had him at my house for about a week and a half.

hi I heard about your concern and listen horses are the type of animals that you have to be hard but not yell and kind but stern. what i mean is that you need to show the horse your in control not them. if he is in ur space use ur thumb push it in their cheek and say no gently but dont push so hard that it spooks the horse push hard enough the horse backs off and also when you go out to the field try having a carrot or apple at first and if you can make a noise that has him come to that noise( can be a whistle or whatever you want) and if he comes reward him for that with the apple or carrot. Horses learn based off their owners so if you don't stop the bad behaviors now they will end up becoming worse and if there is a stable or any other equestrians near you have them come out and help you if you need help. Im not an expert but this is what i know if someone else wants to fix this go ahead i do not mind Big Grin
Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.

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