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First time horse owner and scared
I went to look at the sweetest gentlest 6 yo gelding I have seen.  I bought him.  Now that he is home with me he seems to be a different horse.  The first few days were ok but now he is acting like he wants to stomp on me when I get close.  He was a orphan and bottle fed so he is always in your space.  When I try and get him out of my space he doesn't like it.  I tried to do ground work with him and as soon as he started going around me he reared at me.  Not very high but it still scared me.  I know I have to show him I am the herd leader but I don't know how now that he has scared me.  Please help!  I want the horse I first met.  I have only had him at my house for about a week and a half.

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First time horse owner and scared - by - 06-03-2020, 02:32 AM

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