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Round vs Square
I just read in the last few days about a woman who gave her horse free choice hay via a round bail and didn't realize it was filled with, if I remember correctly, fox tail. I didn't realize what this weed could do to a horse until I saw the pics of her horse's mouth and gums.

A friend of mine some time back didn't know the round bail her horses had been eating was frozen in the middle during the winter months. Her personal favorite horse ate the frozen hay, ended up with severe colic, and died.

I can't help but think that if these people had found something like this in small square bails, both these catastrophes could've been avoided. Regardless, I doubt if I'll ever feed anything but square bails that I can see what's in it before I give it to my horses.

Also, it's hard to haul a round bail when camping with horses, which we do several time a year. Squares are so much easier to handle whether you're on the road or have to rearrange your barn for whatever reason.

I don't mean to be running round bails down. I'm just making conclusions from observation and the disasters some horse owners are running in to when it comes to feeding round bails. Anyone who would like to contribute to this discussion, pro or con, please feel free to do so. I'd love to know what the rest of you think on this issue.


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