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My SECOND Trail Ride of the Year
Ah, a visit to Strawtown on a bright, clear, but rather chilly morning! I rode Warsong and Trish started out on Butterbrickle. We weren't that far into the ride, though, when Butterbrickle began giving Trish some trouble. Nothing really horrible, but enough to make Trish nervous. One of the people riding with us was a trainer, riding a horse that belonged to a friend of Trish's, and he offered to switch horses. It didn't take long for Butterbrickle to get the idea that she'd have a much easier time of it if she behaved! We had a good time, and were able to ride down into the river (it is often too flooded at this time of year to do that).

Back at the parking area, another group was getting ready to hit the trails...and one of the riders was bucked off. Now, that parking lot is gravel, and HARD! As we found out later when she came to ask if we had any bandaids and pain reliever, this gal had actually been bucked off TWICE that day. She finally waited at the trailer, while her friends rode. It was not her horse that bucked her off; guess it belonged to a friend or relative. We sure felt sorry for her. Ouch!

Well, Butterbrickle might be going to this trainer for a refresher course in trail manners, in a few more weeks. It is just hard for one person to get two horses trail-ready in the spring.


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