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New Owner & Rider
Hi Everyone,

I've been going through several posts for a little while and sure am glad I found this forum. LOTS of great help and tips. Let's hit some history to tell who I am and who my girl is. I'm a new owner of an 8 year old grey tabiano paint mare, Frosty. I got her back in June of this year after playing around with my sister's horses for a bit. She wasn't actually the first horse I was looking at. The first horse was a gorgeous 4 year old gelding Curly horse. He was awesome and I felt a connection right away with him. However, being a very green rider, I felt I didn't have the necessary experience to raise him and I passed on the opportunity. I was looking at a curly because, I'm allergic to horses! [Sad]

So, Frosty came around and she was great with kids and had plenty of training. I wonder just how much now because her manners need some tweaking for sure. One thing about her is that she is VERY "wide" having foaled 3-4 times already. We're questioning whether she's preggers again, but I had a vet check and an internal said no. I dunno though. If she's not, then her rib cage never came back in after her last foal. She sure eats and eats and eats though.[cornfused

This weekend my sister and I are going to play with our girls in the arena with the weather being so nice. Part of my problem is I get annoyed because I know what she needs but I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing. The good thing is our board owner is experienced and helps us. I just need to work on Frosty's ground manners more before I get her saddled up. She bucked me skyward back in July and my back is still a bit stiff, lol. I was NOT impressed. [Sad!]


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