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Im Back..and guess what did???

Hi everyone, i have been absent for so long, between work, unwell mother and some medical issues with myself i really havent had time to get on to here (and um i forgot the name of the forum and with a new computer it wasnt saved, shame on me)
Anyway, i returned the appy yearling as i was booked in for an operation which was going to have me out of action for a while and the owners wanted to show him up at the bigger shows near them and start him under saddle, and he was not the type to sit in the paddock, his mind was allways looking for something to do.
That left me with my QH which is another story again so i will post that somewhere else. but
last time i rode a horse i couldnt walk very well for quite sometime due to an injury so was just about to throw in the towell.

Then i saw an add for an appy, much more than i could or should spend but i still enquired, turned out he was trained origanally by a lady i know and respect, contacted her she said "buy him" he would suit YOU no problem (she knows how nervous i am) so i did
So after that huge story here he is
FMM Siriously Spotty aka China, ive had him a total of 3 weeks

[Image: DSC02518-1.jpg]
[Image: PIC_0251-1.jpg]

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