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3rd show this year!
Hi all, got to tell someone, went to show this weekend, stomach in mouth as usual, (ugh) however, managed to get Molly in the arena for about hour and a half before show started, she is still not very happy with loudspeakers with music, and most definitely not thrilled with applause, (doesn't matter who its for) eventually she settled and we did 100% better in Prelim Pleasure than last time, only prob this time couldn't get left lead lope, but DID GET RIGHT LEAD , so that was brilliant. then next class was walk jog and we got a THIRD so am well pleased with that, there were 9 in the class, the last proper WES show we went to 5 weeks ago we got 6th out of 9 so feel we have made some progress.

Off to a 3 day intensive rider course with the trainer next week along with a friend I have persuaded that she needs to do it too, will keep you all posted, also DIDNT COME OFF so that was another good point for the day.

Happy trails all

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