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Friesian has bumps on neck and shoulder
I just purchased a 14 year old Friesian mare and had her hauled from WY to Southern CA. She seemed fine when she arrived, then the next day, her left eye was watering ever so slightly, now after being here two days, both eyes are runny and gooey. She also has some welt like lumps on only ONE side of her neck and down her shoulder. The welts are about dime sized and varying up to quarter size. Her nose is running slightly, but I'm not sure if it's a normal discharge or not.
She either has conjunctivitis or she has become allergic to something. She was raised very lovingly by her previous owner and at 14 years old has never lived anywhere but there until now.
I was not sure where to post this since it is a medical related question. My apologies if I am in the wrong place. Any opinions will be appreciated.

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