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How is everyone?
Hi guys. Haven't been around much lately but I thought I'd pop in today.
How are you all? How are your horses?

Everything is basically the same on my end.
Joker turned 9 in March, Blue's still kicking like the stellar old man he is, Sunny is as level headed as always and Cisco is still living it up as a show horse.
Had a rough time last year when dad lost his job but thanks to our very generous neighbor and my sister and her husband, we didn't have to sell the horses. Guess it was a blessing in disguise. Dad got another job that has better pay, better insurance, better everything really and we managed to get back on our feet and even bought our neighbor's property behind us. The boys have more room now and I have my own house, just got to fix it up a bit first.
My beloved grandmother died in February and that was tough. I went to visit her at the home a day before she died and I gave her a stuffed Appaloosa. She smiled at it...and at me. I'm very thankful for that last memory of her.

Well that's mostly it...I don't exactly lead an exciting life lol and btw, if anyone is interested in finding me on fb then just let me know! Smile
Sorry for the loss of your grandmother; good that you have that last memory to hold. [Sad]

Great to hear about horses thriving - and your family of course!
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~

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