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- ILoveJoe - 11-05-2017

Hi everyone!
I'm thinking about Free Leasing Rocky to someone who wants a horse but can't afford one, he will stay at m house so whoever is interested would be coming here to ride and work with him.
I have never done this and wonder what I should ask of anyone interested and how would I advertise for this?

- PaintGal - 11-06-2017

Just throwing out some questions: Would he be suitable for someone in 4H? If a kid turns out to be who would ride him, would you want a parent to stay while the kid is riding? Whose tack would be used? What if Rocky came up lame after a ride? Would you let him leave the property to be trail ridden or shown? What if whoever leases him brings someone else to ride him? Can he/she ride if you aren't there?

I have no idea about the legal aspects or if your insurance would cover you in the case of an accident.

I would bet there are lease agreements already drawn up that you could pattern one after but I think I'd run it past a lawyer first.

I hope it works out and you can find someone to ride him. Keep us posted!