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- barrelracer1163 - 05-10-2017

What is your favorite riding discipline?

With my horses I do a lot of trail riding and some barrel racing!

Would love to see your riding discipline photos and stories!

- Hook - 05-10-2017

Here is one of my favourite photos of Hookie and I after running home from as barrel pattern.

[Image: Hook53.jpg]

- PaintGal - 05-12-2017

Many moons ago, I chased cans and poles and absolutely loved it. I also trail rode my barrel and pole horses way back then. I've been in a drill team which was a blast and really made my horse and me a better team. I pretty much trail ride exclusively now and love every second I'm in the saddle!

- Red Hawk - 05-13-2017

Depends on the horse what saddle I ride in. I loved riding my retired Appaloosa, Dove, in a hunt seat saddle. But my foundation Appaloosa mare, Terra, just isn't the type for that kind of riding. She's much more comfortable to ride in my western saddle... mainly on trails.


- barrelracer1163 - 05-15-2017

Your horse Hookie is beautiful! Smile

- Hook - 05-20-2017

Thanks Rachel

Originally posted by barrelracer1163

Your horse Hookie is beautiful! Smile

[Image: IMG_0642.jpg]