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- barrelracer1163 - 05-04-2017

Horses are like potato chips.....You can't have JUST ONE!

Well, I may be a horse addict! I have two horses, and recently just added a pregnant mare due at anytime to my collection! [Big Grin] Not to mention my other horses is getting bred at anytime! I couldn't pass up my new Registered Quarter Horse Mare, Her Grandfather would be Zip's Chocolate Chip, and Great Grandfather Zippo Pine Bar! Who could pass up that!
Below is an old photo of her! [Smile]
Image Insert:
[Image: 201754113138_Skyy_opt.jpg]
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- PaintGal - 05-06-2017

She looks like a nice mare! Congrats!

- Hook - 05-06-2017


We are stalled at six horses and two ponys.