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- PaintGal - 01-28-2017

It's time for a new helmet. My newest one is probably 8 years old or older and I noticed some of the plastic pieces that hold it together are starting to tear. I have the Troxel Sierra and many times forget I have it on so will probably buy that one again but wanted opinions on the Cheyenne model.

Is there anything different about the design or materials used that make it $50 better than the Sierra? I love the way it looks but I don't see it on top of my head and I'm not concerned about what others think.[Wink]

Here is the Sierra:

[Image: Sierra_Tan_1024x1024.png?v=1483569981]

This is the Cheyenne:

[Image: cheyenne-regular-buckle_1024x1024.png?v=1476804903]

I see that HorseSaddleShop has the Sierra but didn't see the Cheyenne model.

and for those that don't wear helmets...

This guy was not wearing a helmet when he parted ways with his horse just a couple of weeks ago. He was hospitalized overnight but fortunately does not appear to have serious injuries. Look at that bump on his head! I don't know the details of what happened to cause the unscheduled dismount.

[Image: received_10208496707716995_zpsesglecpg.jpeg]

- ILoveJoe - 01-28-2017

I like the stitching on the Cheyenne.

- PaintGal - 01-29-2017

Originally posted by ILoveJoe

I like the stitching on the Cheyenne.

ME TOO!! But I don't know that I like it $50 more. I guess I can rationalize though... if I can use it 5 years, that's only 10 a year more. Dividing that out by # of rides... hmmmm.... average 1/week - 10 (maybe)... so 42. 10/42 = .24...

Sounds reasonable to me! [Big Grin]

- Hook - 01-29-2017

Looks to me the difference is just updated cosmetics. But hey, life is short. Go for it!

- hmeyer - 01-29-2017

My head is shaped like that naturally.

- PaintGal - 01-29-2017

Originally posted by hmeyer

My head is shaped like that naturally.

HA! I remember when you were knocked out at MTR! Scary for all of us.

- Hook - 01-29-2017

I remember that too! Glad everything worked out okay.

[Image: IMG_4112.jpg]

[Image: dailyequine2008.jpg]

- hmeyer - 01-31-2017

Wow, thanks for the memories! There's been a lot of water under the bridge, many miles, and several broken bones since that memorable weekend!

- Hook - 02-01-2017

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago.

- PaintGal - 02-01-2017

GOSH! 10 years ago? That was such a fun weekend once Harv got his marbles put back in order.