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- appygirl - 10-19-2013

At last, I think I will be able to get some winter riding in on Thunder. Shelby Trails in Shelby Co., Ky., has an indoor arena for $10/hour. I was thinking a couple of hours every week would be a good investment in keeping Thunder in shape and ready for a hopefully more eventful riding season in 2014!

I am pondering about the return trailer trip (30 minutes) after riding. Thunder will most likely be sweaty after working out, considering he will be in his full winter coat. How should I blanket him for the return trip to make sure he isn't getting chilled? My trailer is a stock type trailer that will have air blocks (of some type) on the side vents, but an open back. What are good materials to use for air blocks?

- Arenadirt - 10-19-2013

I have an "open" two horse slant trailer too. When our horses get all sweated up in the winter I spend a lot of time brushing them out before loading. We have these warming sheets for the ride:


Rather pricey (our vet got them for us at cost) but the horses seem to stay quite comfortable. And cheaper than buying a closed-in trailer...