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- appygirl - 10-01-2013

Oh, the trees are beginning to turn and there is a nip in the night air. Fall is definitely coming, and what better time is there to camp and ride? Let's hear about everyone's camping/riding trips that are coming up in the next few weeks.

PG, we are going to be riding Spring Valley the weekend of Oct 18 - 20. Would also like ride at Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, Ky. and Taylorsville Lake in Taylorsville, Ky.

Anyone else planning on throwing a leg over the saddle and some logs on the fire?

- PaintGal - 10-02-2013

Darn it!! We'll be camping (horseless) that weekend if the embarrassing bunch of fools in Washington gets their act together.

I hope to see a lot of leaves from the saddle this year but Joe is so out of shape (and so am I) that I'll need to spend some time getting us toned up. Hopefully, the guy leasing our farm will get his corn outta my way soon. [Wink]

- hmeyer - 10-02-2013

We'll be heading to Shawnee Natl Forest October 24th for a long weekend with our usual group of suspects. We've only been on 2 campouts all summer, and one of those didn't include much riding, so I am really looking forward to this one. This will be my first chance to give my new saddle an extended workout, other than just an hour or so at a time. Hope the roughout seat doesn't come back to bite me!

- appygirl - 10-02-2013

One word, Harv......Vaseline! (a little dab will do ya!) lol

I have never been to Shawnee but I have heard many good things about the trails there. Enjoy your ride!

I am looking forward to riding Thunder in his new saddle. I had the equine chiro check the fit out and he said it fit great! Just hoping it fits my bedonkadonk as well as it fits Thunder's back!

Make sure you take plenty of pics of your ride, Harv!

- EZ2SPOT - 10-03-2013

I was just at Brown County last weekend, and might be camping at Hickory Ridge Later this month. Kind of watching to see if the weather will be good enough to make the trip worth it! RH and I attended the ITRA ride in mid-September, but she had to leave early due to a family emergency. Hope you all enjoy your fall rides!


- appygirl - 10-03-2013

How were the trails at BC? Maria and I rode there earlier this year and Trail B, beyond the Story trail, was very muddy and hazardous.

I wonder if the government shut down is affecting Hoosier National?

- EZ2SPOT - 10-04-2013

We didn't get beyond Story. There were some mud pits, but you could easily go around them. Apparently, the Blackwell and Hickory Ridge campgrounds are closed, though since they are free and there is no gatehouse, I don't know how they are going to keep people out.


- hmeyer - 10-04-2013

Knowing the govt, they will spend more to keep people out, just to make an issue, than they would just to leave it alone. I'm about fed up.

- Red Hawk - 10-04-2013

I'm wondering about places like MTR and Monk's that are private owned horse camps. I doubt if the National Forestry people could keep riders from there out. Are there gates that can be closed and locked to block horse rigs out of places like Hickory Ridge and Blackwell? Any thoughts anyone?

- hmeyer - 10-05-2013

No, there are no gates, at least not at Blackwell, unless they go to the expense of putting some up. They could post signs that say closed though. There are no fees at Blackwell however. The only expense I can see that they would save are the maintenance people who clean the toilets and mow. And if they lay off the personnel, who is gonna enforce it?