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- Red Hawk - 06-03-2013

I wanted so much to go trail riding today, but it kept sprinkling and raining. Then it looked like it was clearing up, but it was too late to hook up the trailer and haul Terra to Salamonie. So instead Steve (my husband for those new here) drove Sal (my dog) and me to the trail head and dropped us off to pick up later.

I doubt if we were more than 10 minutes along when a good drenching rain came down with me carrying two of my native American flutes in their bags, along with the camcorder in its case hanging from my neck, and leading Sal on a leash. She was not thrilled with getting soaked any more than me. No sense in going back to the trailhead. Steve had already left. So we went on rain and all.

By the time we neared the river to take the trail to the gorge leading to the waterfalls, the rain slowed to a sprinkle that stopped as we reached our destination. But I do believe it was worth it. The first video is in the gorge at the bottom of the falls:


Then Sal and I returned to the top where I recorded this:


I apologize for the poor quality of these videos. I'm still learning, and my hand will get steadier in time I'm sure. But I think the beauty of this area is still very much evident [Smile][Wink].