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- Red Hawk - 03-26-2012

I thought I'd start this thread where we could tell about our first trail ride of the year (or first ride period). I'd love to hear about everyone's even if you think yours wasn't anything to brag about and especially if it was something grand. Come on, let's hear all about it. Here's mine:

Well I finally made it yesterday. Beautiful out and warm enough for me to be comfortable in jeans and T-shirt. Terra wasn't too thrilled about it though. I have a feeling it was just too warm to be wearing most of her winter coat and being ridden in 70 degree weather.

We've had rain over Friday & Saturday, but the trails had mainly surface mud. None of that ankle deep stuff. This winter must've been hard on Salamonie. I noticed several places where I'm guessing something like a skid loader had been on the trails filling in washed out places. One of these was where riders cross the top of the twin waterfalls. It looks like they scraped all the rock off the one bank of the stream bed and pushed it into the stream. Makes it a bit hard to get the horses over the rock now in the stream to get up the bank to continue on the trail.

I took it easy on Terra and skipped the major hills. I let her mosey at a real easy walk. She just wasn't in the mood to move out. Like I said; too much winter hair and summer-like temps. She was wet under the saddle when we returned to the trailer, but not breathing hard at all.

Dang this computer! I must've brushed my hand too close to something. I wasn't finished, and it posted what I was writing before I was ready!

It sure felt good to get back out on the trails after all this time though. There's just something about the forest that fills a body with a sense of peace, contentment, and that everything is as it should be. I just wish I could carry that feeling with me all the time. Wouldn't that be nice?

- EZ2SPOT - 03-26-2012

I had my first tail ride yesterday, too! It was up near Lafayette with Pat Dye and some of her friends in the woods around her property. We rode for about 2 1/2 hours, and I do think it was a bit uncomfortable for the horses, since all still had their winter coats!

It was great to be trail riding in March; I usually don't get out until April or May!


- PaintGal - 03-27-2012

I've ridden several times on our farm & a neighbor's. Does that count?

Haven't made it to a trail yet but did get my bridle tag.

- Red Hawk - 03-27-2012

Originally posted by PaintGal

I've ridden several times on our farm & a neighbor's. Does that count?

Haven't made it to a trail yet but did get my bridle tag.

Sure it does. There's no set rules here. Just tell us about your first time in the saddle this year. If it was out on the trails somewhere, all the better [Smile].

- Arenadirt - 03-27-2012

Originally posted by EZ2SPOT

I had my first tail ride yesterday...

Still waiting for my first "tail ride". [:X][:o)]

But Sev and I did get out and ride alone in the Big Wide Open on Sunday for a couple of hours, first time this year. It was great - over (then through) the river and through the woods, lotsa birds, some deer, and much welcomed peace and quiet. But Seven balked at a ditch that he has crossed at least a dozen times before. The water had dropped to a trickle - guess it looked too different for his liking. I let him stand and look at it for about five minutes, then dismounted and led him across. The ditch itself is maybe three feet across at the top, the water in the bottom of it was just a few inches across. He jumped about eight feet just to be sure. We'll be sure to go back there very soon, and expect he'll walk across it like it's not even there. Going right in the river doesn't bother him at all. Horses are FUNNY!

- EZ2SPOT - 03-27-2012

There is a place at Salamonie where Warsong balks every time! Just ask RH... What happened was that she spooked at a piece of ground cloth there something like 6 or 7 years ago, and has never forgotten it, even though the ground cloth is long gone, and the area really doesn't look anything like it did back when Warsong first spooked there. She will readily take a more difficult way, rather than go down that small section of trail! Yup, horses are funny!


- BethAnn - 03-27-2012

I have been out 3 times, still battling a huge fear of falling off. But have been to Deam's Lake, Spring Lake, and Lick creek.

- dunhorsechic - 03-28-2012

I've ridden bareback around our farm a couple of times this year.
And...a friend and I rode Trail B at Versailles State Park last week, just a short ride. It was lovely....much less muddy than Versailles usually is. No trees down on the trail (rare for southern Indiana the past few years; we've been hit hard.)

The Indiana Trail Riders are working on converting the old public stables at Versailles to a horse camp ground. I think the plan is for it to be finished by late this year. For me, it's not enough trail mileage to camp for a weekend, but I imagine many people will enjoy it. The park is really nice; the trails are "easy," not challenging. I always think of it as trails for beginner horses or beginner riders, or if you just have a short time and want to enjoy a leisurely, pleasant, non-challenging trail ride. In the summer the horseflies and the biting flies are waaay too aggressive and numerous for me. Autumn is the best time to ride at Versailles.

Ok, that's my first off-my-property trail ride of 2012. I'm anxious to get going.

- killybean907 - 03-30-2012

Guess I can't complain about the couple times that I have NOT been able to ride...but still waiting for snow and ice to be gone! [Sad]

Great thread RH!
This IS the first time I've ever done this....a little "Spring" surfing!

[Image: standing.jpg]

- Red Hawk - 03-30-2012

Wow, Killy! You're a whole lot braver than I am. Oh I trust my Terra, don't get me wrong, but what you're doing takes a tremendous sense of balance. Something I'm sure I don't have, and I break too easy anymore when I hit the ground.

Great pic, by-the-way [^][Smile][Wink].