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- BethAnn - 01-30-2012

I bought a 4 year old gaited morgan stallion , unbroken. He isn't coming right home cause 2 things have to happen, balls gotta go and the Hardins are gonna train him to be a great trail horse. He will be home for my birthday on June 1st.Nice Bay with a stripe and a couple of socks. Once again If I can figure out things I will get a picture up![dude]

- EZ2SPOT - 01-30-2012

Congrats! I'm sure Deana & Barry will do a great job with him!


- PaintGal - 01-31-2012

Thanks heavens you're sending him to the Hardins! You need an unbroke horse about like you need another broken leg. [Wink]

- BethAnn - 01-31-2012

I have only heard awesome things about the Deanna and Barry. I liked the Glenn Hamilton in Kentucky also but wanted someone really familiar with gaited horses also. Some say they are trained the same wether gaited or not but why take the chance when I know there are people like the Harden's that make your trail horse into all they can be!!

- Red Hawk - 01-31-2012

Good examples of Barry & Deanna's training methods is EZ's Warsong, my very own Terra, and for those who remember her, Donna's Red. When all three of us used to ride together, we were a living ad for the Hardin's.

- BethAnn - 01-31-2012

[Image: 10-jemstone3159.jpg]
Isn't he awesome?[Big Grin]

- EZ2SPOT - 02-01-2012

Beautiful! Looks like he is going to be a challenge, though. Good thing you are sending him to the Hardins!


- fracturedbones - 02-01-2012

Handsome boy. Yoiu are truly in horose heaven!

- BethAnn - 02-01-2012

I am sure he is gonna be a brat and that seems to be what I always go for. Pretty brats always melt my heart and I like a challenge!! LOL

- BethAnn - 02-02-2012

Appearently his handling is not going well as Glen called and won't let him go till at least 2 months after castrating as he is being aggressive, so I politely declined for now. Back to looking!