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- tchighhope - 05-31-2010

Does AQHA still offer free pedigree lookups to its members and if it does is there someone who can look up a pedigree for me if I give a name?

- killybean907 - 05-31-2010

It gives $10 of free look-ups per month, doesn't roll-over if you don't use that months. It will give basic info, so if that works for you I can check the name.

Have you gone to www.allbreedpedigree.com and entered the name? That's a nice site for most uses.

- Hook - 05-31-2010

AQHA also has sire and sibling information as well as any show records.

Between Mrs Hook and I we have $20 free pedigree info so if you need something looked up we can help too.

- tchighhope - 05-31-2010

She is not on the all breed pedigree. I think I have someone looking her up for me. Thanks!