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- Red Hawk - 04-20-2010

I was looking for tennis balls for Sal at Wal-mart last weekend and ended up going through the camping supply section. So what do I see? You folks remember that little fold-away gray table of EZ's(I think one or two of you bought the same one.)? I found it for $20.

BUUUUTTTT I also found a 5 foot table for indoor/outdoor use that stores in less space than a conventional card table for $35. The thing is MTR doesn't supply tables, picnic or otherwise, on the camp sites, and I thought this table would foot the bill. Of course I'd have to use my camp chair to sit at this table since it doesn't come with places to sit like a picnic table, but for $35, it sounds like a good deal.

I was also looking at those fairly simple to assemble pop-up canopies. A 9 X 9 footer ran for $45.

So why the interest after all this time of camping out? Mainly because I'll have more room in that new Corn Pro that'll be delivered to me in June, and also because EZ and I have decided to camp out of our trailers instead of spending money on a cabin or bunkhouse at MTR. (I thought the smaller table would come in handy in my new trailer's enlarged dressing room where I'll be sleeping at night.) Without tax, all three of these items comes to $100. Not bad if I do say so myself... although I haven't bought a thing... yet [Big Grin][Big Grin].

- hmeyer - 04-20-2010

Oh boy! Starting to get that camping bug gnawing at me!

- homein3turns - 04-20-2010

Me too Harv!!!! I am particularlly anxious to use my new truckbed camper, we put a new floor in it and fixed all the leaks. It ain't pretty but it sure will beat sleeping on the ground!

RH - great deal on the table. I have for many years thought I should buy a little table to throw in the trailer. If for nothing else than a place to set stuff up off the ground and out of the way. I am also going to invest in one of those pop-up canapoies this year, after seeing how easy they are to assemble.

First CMO ride this weekend and the weather isn't looking good [Sad]

- EZ2SPOT - 04-20-2010

oh, buying camping stuff is such fun...beware, though, it can be addictive!! That is how I ended up with one of everything...and a lot of it, I don't even use. But ya never know, and I like to be prepared.

Those of us who have not yet had a chance to camp this year, are anxious to get out, that is for sure!


- dunhorsechic - 04-20-2010

I love camping gear, and I love to walk/ride around campgrounds and get good ideas on ways to do things better.
I use shepherds' hooks for a lot of things. Find them in the garden center. They just step into the ground.
We use them for: hang a remote control lantern on one that's been placed behind your high-lined horses. In the night you can point the remote at it, turn it on, and your horses will be outlined (or not, which means they're loose!). No need to even get out of bed.

When tacking up a little distance from the trailer, I hang my bridle, breast collar, helmet on it. If I forget my helmet, I can ride right back up to it and snatch it without getting off and rumaging thru the trailer.
Hang wet saddle pads on it to dry in the sun, if they have that hole at the withers.
Hang wet rainwear on them to drip dry, away from your trailer, under the awning if you have it.
You could put it under your pop-up canopy to hold a lantern.

Just lots of help to hang anything, and so easy to move from one place to another.

Have fun collecting stuff, RH.

- puddleplasher - 04-20-2010

Ooo, some very nice ideas there, dhc. I particularly like the "check the highline without gtting out of bed" technique, very creative!


- PaintGal - 04-20-2010

I've been all over the camping supply section at Walmart gathering the must haves for our camping trips but our Walmart is seriously lacking in that dept. so I'm going to have to make a trip to Bass Pro!

I'm looking for a camp stove, a fold up table like RH found & a couple of chairs that aren't those fold up canvass ones. I got one of those aluminum tables a couple of years ago and it does come in handy. Right now, it's being used at the library but I'll get it back in a couple of months.

I found an RV patio mat with horseshoes around the edge & an outline of a horse in the middle and that arrived on Monday. I had spare silverware and that's in the MH now along with a set of pots & pans. I think I'm set on glasses & plates and other kitchen necessities.

What I really want to do is have EVERYTHING except food that needs refrigeration loaded and ready to roll so all that last minute list will be shorter. LOL!

One thing I'm trying to figure out is where to put a bale or 2 of hay. I think I can get one on the trailer between the jack & body and could tie one to the fender outside the trailer or one inside by the escape door.

Are there any way cool gizmos that anyone has found that everyone should have?

- hmeyer - 04-21-2010

PG, we have a two-burner Coleman propane stove that works very well. The only drawback I found was that the latch doesn't hold it closed very well when folded up. I put a strap around it and solved that problem. Does your new "tent" on wheels have a stove in it?

Hay is a problem, isn't it? Usually we are taking 3 horses in the 4-horse trailer, so the extra stall becomes our hay storage. If you are only taking one horse in your 2-horse trailer, you could put several bales in the extra stall.

One of these days, I'm going to get a nice living quarters trailer. For now, since our trailer is actually Adam's, he sleeps in the front, and Deb and I get the "poop room" in the back. We fix it up quite cozy though, with cots, lights, space heater, etc, and it is very roomy. Just have to make sure you have your slippers on when you get out of bed in the middle of the night!

- PaintGal - 04-21-2010


I have a 3 burner stove, oven & microwave in there! I'd rather do most of the cooking outside if possible since it does heat up the MH. The fire alarm & CO2 alarm *might* have gone off with ear piercing screeches which only stopped when the batteries were removed..... just sayin. Batteries were replaced and the alarms put back after supper though. Both are located in the kitchen area which sort of makes sense but dang...they hurt! Besides...the cooler containing adult beverages will usually be outside. [Wink]

My trailer is a combo and I don't have a divider in it. Joe tends to stand sort of sideways so I was concerned he'd stomp on the hay or get the bale moved under him which could cause more problems. I think I can tie one or 2 inside though.

Nuffin wrong with sleeping in the trailer! I know several that do that and I would have if I'd ever gone somewhere and needed to. If cots were stragically placed, you might not need the slippers.

- Red Hawk - 04-21-2010

I've never done it, but would it take much to put a rack on the top of the trailer for hay? And maybe a side ladder to reach it? Might be a pain to get the hay up there, but it wouldn't be any harder than a hay mow for feeding a horse in camp. Of course this might not work in bad weather.

When it comes to hay, I've always done like Harv; put the hay in the spare space of my 2-horse trailer and wrap it up in a tarp if there's a possibility of rain. I'll probably do the same thing with my Corn Pro once I get it.

Also, I thought the smaller table in the dressing room would help so I could get some things off the floor and within easier reach while in camp. Seems like when I camp out of my trailer everything ends up on the floor for lack of anywhere else to put it.