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- spots - 04-14-2010

and this one has 2 legs[Big Grin]
Yep im having a BABY... kind of interesting really since twice i was in the hospital waiting for a hysterectomy due to health issues and both times the doctors had to cancel because of emergency's.
Now im a bit long in the tooth (my son will be 15 this year and daughter turns 12 this month) and never thought i would be having a bub again but when it came down to the crunch my partner (who doesnt have any children) thought perhaps we could try while waiting for the next available booking which of course takes a while, DR was happy for us to try but said it may be difficult due to age and health factors .
So here i am having a baby girl who will be due in around 13 weeks time, we are so happy, its rather amazing to think that if the dr's had not have had to cancel the Op's this little girl kicking away wouldnt be there.
anyways just thought i would share

- EZ2SPOT - 04-15-2010

Looks like it was meant to be! Be sure to post pics when the little darling arrives! Congratulations!


- ILoveJoe - 04-15-2010


- appygirl - 04-15-2010

Congrats Spots. I'm excited for you! You even have built-in babysitters, lol.

My kiddo just turned 19 years old this past week. I was told by my doctor that I needed a hysterectomy two weeks before discovering that I was pregnant. So, in effect, I was pregnant when he advised me to have a hysterectomy.

Yes, we must definitely see photos in 13 weeks!

- Hook - 04-15-2010

Congratulations from the Hooks.

Enjoy your miracle baby. Looking forward to some pictures.

- PaintGal - 04-15-2010


Sending wishes for an easy 13 weeks and an easy delivery.

Don't forget to update us and share pics!

- CajuninKy - 04-15-2010

Congrats! Life is a blessing. Will be waiting for pics.

- killybean907 - 04-15-2010

WOW, congratulations!! Kids keep you young (or give you grey hair!)[Big Grin]
Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

- tagnrocky - 04-16-2010

Congrats, Spots! Can't wait to see pictures of her!

- dunhorsechic - 04-16-2010

Congratulations! What a blessing for you. You have all that experience under your belt already.

Can't wait for pics.