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- ILoveJoe - 11-02-2009

Congratulations Spots! He is gorgeous. Does your login name indicate your propensity for appaloosas?

- spots - 11-03-2009

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, i really like him.
I will get some more pics of him at some stage.
I will have a lot of reading of everyones posts to catch up with whats going on over there lol

- CrookedPostQH - 11-04-2009

What a good looking guy. Appys are so pretty. Hope he is makes you happy for a long time!

- puddleplasher - 11-05-2009

I'll chime in and say what a good looking guy he is too. Very eye-catching! And welcome back, Spots, we missed you!


- slidinstop - 11-11-2009

He looks to have a very kind eye. Very pretty!