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- LindaOz - 03-04-2008

Just moving onto my first horse property (since a kid) tomorrow. I want to replace all barbed wire with either electric fence or panels. When using panels for continuous fencing how are they supported when put in a straight line? Are they secured to posts or will they just stand when pinned? How about using chains to connect the panels? Thanks.

- EZ2SPOT - 03-04-2008

If you are using these panels in a straight line, I'd think you would definitely need posts to support them. Especially if you will be using them as a pasture fence, and not as an arena or round pen. Just my two cents worth.


- hoopski - 03-05-2008

A length of two between posts is nothing more than gates that meet in the middle. You should be able to go to 3 in a line with no problem , but even 4 is probably going to create some sagging.

And any line posts will need to be real wood posts, not just metal t-posts.

Just my 1 cents worth (not even worth 2 cents)[Smile]

- user1908 - 03-05-2008

An observation....recently when I was at the vets clinic on a Saturday I was walking around with my mare waiting our turn. While doing so I noticed that his "corrals" (which were panels) had horseshoes in the tops of the posts connecting the two which would also prevent any possibility of a horse getting their foot/neck ect. caught up. I wish I'd taken a picture but basically they set the horseshoe's heels down, one side in each panel post's top. Was a wonderful way to make use of old horseshoes and a great safety measure imo. The things you learn just taking in the sights Smile


- LindaOz - 03-05-2008

Thanks so much everyone for the input. I'm packing up the PC and moving to my horse property now!!!