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- Atrayou - 10-23-2007

Apparently he is The worlds best QH Sire? I need some info here if anyone can help me out. I just purchased a Registered QH Mare that has been bred to this Sir 3 times and has produced some outstanding Foals....as a matter of fact the mare I have somehow got put into a auction. According to some people I have spoken to and one of them being Pete kyle ( A world Champion Reining trainer )....the Mare I have is worth alot of money. Which does not matter to me because I am not into breeding her for $$ like all the rich people did with her. She is only 12. She has 21 sisters at the Four-6's ranch in texas? These mares could not be bought if you offered them a million dollars this is just what I have heard. So any info on This Sir......AND the Sir "Strait Silver" will give me some answers....can anyone help me? I just paid for her and do not have her paper work yet. But I would like some answers if anyone here can help.

- Hook - 10-23-2007

Looks like "Chic Please" is a 1995 Reining Horse Sire with a stud fee of $2,500.

What is the name of your mare?

Check out this link for more information.


- Atrayou - 10-24-2007

Her name is maggie....But her Registered name is "Strait Quil" Until I get her papers I can not get into the American Quarter Horse site....can you give me some info on her Hook? I do know that one of her Foals was a Filly and she is in Holland now. the filly as a Yearling she got a point in halter...which I guess is quite impressive. She had a foal named "Deal me a Straight" that I am told was shown at the National Reining Horse Association World show a year and a half ago. This is what I am told but I have no paper work to look this stuff up. This horse is a sweetheart and it is like her and my Walker have been together forever. They are right in Love. What a personality on this girl! She is so much fun! Plus a blast to ride! Spins on a dime! She side passes beautifully. I am so in Love with her! I just can't wait to get those papers....I want to know stuff now! Thanks Hook I appreciate anything you can tell me.

- Hook - 10-24-2007


THese are a bit jumbled but they look good as Word files. If you PM your E-MAIL address to me I will send them as attachments, probably late today or early tomorrow as I am on the road today.


3421661 STRAIT QUIL BAY MARE 04/26/1995 KS
Additional Horse Information for STRAIT QUIL:
• Genetic Typed


MR BADGER CHEX 4065048 Buckskin Gelding 04/22/2001
Sire- BADGERS TROPHY 1653390

PLEASE DEALA STRAIT 4295069 Chestnut Gelding 04/23/2002 Transported Semen; Genetic Typed
Sire- CHIC PLEASE 3380399
National Reining Horse Association: $ 528.80 Earned thru 05/05/2006

PLEASE THIS CHIC 4428088 Bay Mare 04/25/2003 Transported Semen; Incentive Fund Foal; Genetic Typed
Sire- CHIC PLEASE 3380399
Show: 06/2005 Open- H- .5 P- .0 Amateur- H- .0 P- .0 Youth- H- .0 P- .0
AQHA Incentive Fund: $ 13.95

TIVIOS BUENO MCGRAW 4864191 Bay Stallion 03/18/2005
Sire- NU TIVIO CHEX 3715951

Summary of STRAIT QUIL'S Offspring
Reg Foals 4 Perf Foals 2 CYR Perf Foals 0
Race Age Foals 3

No Race Information

AQHA Show Summary All-time 2007 Total
Open Amateur Youth Open Amateur Youth
Halter Points .5 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0
Halter Point Earners 1 0 0 0 0 0
Performance Points .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0
Perf Point Earners 0 0 0 0 0 0
Halter ROMS 0 0 0 0 0 0
Performance ROMS 0 0 0 0 0 0
AQHA Champions 0 0 0 0 0 0
Supreme Champions 0 0 0 0 0 0
Super Halter Awards 0 0 0 0 0 0
Super Perf Awards 0 0 0 0 0 0
Super Perf Earners 0 0 0 0 0 0
Show All Around Wins 0 0 0 0 0 0
Show All Around Winners 0 0 0 0 0 0
Show Res All Around Wins 0 0 0 0 0 0
Show Res All Around Winners 0 0 0 0 0 0

Accuracy and completeness of information are the responsibility of each alliance.
AQHA/Alliance Summary All-time 2007 Total
Points Earned All Divisions Combined: .5 .0
Point Earners All Divisions Combined: 1 0
National Reining Horse Association $ 528.80 N/A

No AQHA Show Year End Award Information

Strait Quil 3421661 1995 bay mare
SI: 0 Starts 0 Wins: 0 2nds: 0 3rds: 0 Earnings: 0 Hlt Pts: 0 Perf Pts: 0
SIRE side of pedigree Blue Command 1958
0100993 bay
H- 14.0 P- 39.0 Power Command 1949
0028781 sorrel
H- 11.0 P- 18.0
Quicksil Command 1967
0625515 gray
H- 0.0 P- 15.0 Miss Paulette 1952
0045425 dun
H- 23.0 P- 9.0
Quicksilver Lady 1961
0167673 gray
Quicksilver King 1948
0026992 gray
75 28 4 3 4 $ 1,690
Strait Silver 1986
2487746 gray
Nifty Lady 1955
0067468 dun

Bueno Chex 1961
0161272 dun
H- 13.0 P- 30.0 King Fritz 1956
0058532 bay
H- 14.0 P- 23.5
Bueno Chex Bonita 1974
1065849 bay
H- 0.0 P- 1.0 Sutherland's Miss 1951
0030661 dun

Flying Dell 1968
0664072 bay
Mr Poco Dell 1962
0236193 sorrel

Miss Lindy Star 1965
0360631 bay

DAM side of pedigree Doc Tari 1970
0683537 sorrel
H- 0.0 P- 2.0 Doc Bar 1956
0076136 chestnut
75 4 0 0 1 $ 95 H- 36.0 P- 0.0
Quilchina Bar 1975
1161261 chestnut
H- 0.0 P- 4.0 Puro's Linda 1963
0543241 sorrel

Bar San 1968
0583426 sorrel
Leo San 1949
0020113 sorrel
H- 0.0 P- 1.0
Quilchina Dalena 1987
2583148 sorrel
Swen Miss 136 1964
0315038 sorrel

Cash Bar Prize 1963
0298564 palomino
H- 1.0 P- 0.0 Gay Bar King 1958
0104000 sorrel
75 4 1 0 0 $ 151 H- 13.0 P- 6.0
Magdalena McGraw 1969
0614516 sorrel
Cash Prize 1959
0114244 palomino

Miss Robinson 1961
0173038 sorrel
Johnny Red Boy 1955
0052113 sorrel
H- 23.0 P- 61.0
Mackay Betty 1950
0078681 sorrel


- appygirl - 10-24-2007

And just where are the pictures of this lovely lady, hmmmmm? ^_^

- Horsecrazygirl - 10-24-2007

Ditto to Appygirl![Big Grin][Smile]

- Atrayou - 10-24-2007

Honestly she is looking pretty sad right now. She has Rain Rot all over her back and hind end. Her Forelock is almost gone and her mane is okay but NOT 18-20 inches as I have been told it used to be....her tail also is all torn up and that too used to be to the ground. I will get pictures of her today and post them tonight or tomorrow. Then I will post more in a few months as she will look alot better. Right now I am going out to have a lesson on her. Since I have no training in cutting or reining and she is all trained for leg cues. I need to work with her and ME ( more then anything ) she is really soft in the mouth.....Thank You so much for the info....I can not wait to get her papers. ( They are coming in the mail )
I will send you my e-mail addy Hook.
[Big Grin]
P.S. Did I mention how sore I am from riding her??? LOL I am out of shape I feel like I am 100 years old.....Okay pictures will come I promise.
By the way the other QH Kruz is gone...Long story...the girl that owns him can not afford him but just for the sake of saying she owns a horse she moved him...I am sick over it because now he really won't get the care he is used to or needs. ( I guess I can not save the world ) But if he had not have left I never would have found "Maggie" [Smile] At least now I know that the horses in my barn are mine and they are here to stay FOREVER!!! Oh I went through an episode of "Choke" a little over a week ago with my TWH. Boy that was horrible! I changed my grain out...NO MORE PELLETS of any kind! NEVER do I want to deal with that again....I will post about that on another thread. I have questions as "Belle" is doing weird things with her throat more then ever.
Off to take my lesson!

- appygirl - 10-24-2007

Atrayou.....regarding choke......my experience has been that once a horse chokes once, it is greatly predisposed to have recurrent episodes.

- ILoveJoe - 10-25-2007

Congratulations on your new mare. I am sure you will have her back to perfection in no time. How does she get along with Belle?
I am sorry to hear about Kruz, hopefully his owner will take care of him.
Photos, photos, photos!

- mtn rider - 10-28-2007

Sounds like great breeding there.

Pictures please!
Remember to take lots of before pics, for yourself. Its kinda nice to look back at them later on, and see all the differences.

Glad you are so pleased with her!