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- ILoveJoe - 04-11-2007

There seem to be more new forum members lately and I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome them to a great Forum.

I have been a member since last October and have found this to be a very friendly and welcoming forum.

New forum members often have a couple of questions about the rules, so here is the link to them:

And another big question that comes up is about posting photos [of which we all love and can't get enough of]:

And as usual thanks to Chuck for providing this forum for us.

- Hook - 04-11-2007

Good Idea ILJ.

- Horsecrazygirl - 04-12-2007

Great idea ILJ.
And Welcome all new members![Smile]

- ILoveJoe - 04-14-2007

How do we get to post a photo of our Avatar?
Can someone point to that topic?

- Hook - 04-14-2007

Originally posted by ILoveJoe

How do we get to post a photo of our Avatar?
Can someone point to that topic?


You need to make a 64 x 64 jpg or gif and upload it to the Internet somewhere, like Photobucket. Then give Chuck the location and which userid to associate it with and he will fix you up.

Here is a link to when I had Chuck make one for me.


- ILoveJoe - 04-15-2007

Thank you!

- TBjumpergirl - 06-19-2007

Thanx for all the help, and links, ver useful!!

- sarataylor5 - 03-13-2012

Hi, Im new here! Im a college student studying horses, a wife, mother to 4 and I lease the sweetest pony in the world!

- PaintGal - 03-13-2012

Welcome to DE, Sara!

We'd love to hear more about your pony and what it is you're studying. It might be better if you started a new thread here: http://www.dailyequine.com/forums/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=8

- killybean907 - 03-13-2012

Welcome Sara, Glad you are finding the time to enjoy your pony and visit here. [Smile]