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  DE Membership Map!
Posted by: PaintGal - 10-23-2005, 12:48 AM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (46)

This is cool! Add yourself to the map by zipcode so we can see where DE members live.

[url="http://www.frappr.com/dailyequine"]DailyEquine Members Map[/url]

<font color="red"><i><b>Edited to update link. If you haven't signed up yet please do.... it's really cool to see where DE members live. </i></b></font id="red">

Karen ~ Trails
Joe 6 y/o Paint
Paoli, IN USA
[Image: horse-galloping.gif]


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  I had to say something...riding bridleless
Posted by: tru_cowgirl - 10-14-2005, 05:31 PM - Forum: Horse Training - Replies (10)

<font size="1">So from what I've seen (and I apologize to all the people who AREN'T like this) alot of you are really stupid!

For example I read a post about riding bridleless...let me quote you...</font id="size1"> <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">
<i>originally posted by sadlletramp</i>

can someone please explain to me the purpose of riding bridleless?

<i>originally poste by redhawk</i>

I may be wrong, but I've never heard of anyone trusting a horse far enough to go bridleless outside of a controlled environment

<i>originally posted by saddletramp</i>

I think that you've been mislead, or misunderstood what you read. A halter and lead rope do not give you more ability to bend and flex your horse than a bridle. And if a horse is spooking, I'm gonna want a bit....

<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">

<font size="1">Are you all serious? You call yourselves trainers? Both my horses (10 paint mare and 5yo mustang gelding) can be ridden bridless, and saddleless if you want, on trail AND in the arena with other horses around. And I trained these horses myself. If you aren't capable of asking your horse to perform without a bridle then I don't consider you a trainer! You can blow me off and call me crazy or say that its only some horses and other horses couldn't do this but they CAN! REAL training is get a horse to respond quickly and willingly to whatever you ask of it. If you couldn't control your horse without a bit, than obviously both you and your animal need some more teaching.

I understand how a "beginner" or just someone who has horses for fun wouldn't be able to accomplish this right off, both you and your horse are still learning[Smile] But don't be fooled by "fake" trainers

</font id="size1">

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  Leather / Saddle Cleaning Advice
Posted by: elizNY - 10-12-2005, 02:23 AM - Forum: Tack Questions and Comments - Replies (16)

I just purchased a used, somewhat vintage saddle. Other than glycerin saddle soap, what other treatment does it need? I went to the store to pick up a leather conditioner and was completely overwhelmed. It is black, so a conditioner that affects the color is probably not much of an issue, although it does have white buckstitching. I have not cleaned tack in probably 25 years and don't remember the pros and cons of the various oils. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

"<font color="blue">Topic edited hook by to clarify content"</font id="blue">

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  Suggestions Needed, Please
Posted by: Saddletramp - 10-01-2005, 02:32 PM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (44)

Okay, this is gonna sound like a vent, a long, long vent, cuz I can feel it building up already! [:o)] Just reading this will give you LOTS to do, Flooper! It'll keep ya busy for a while...and then please respond, everyone!

Some background...too much info, probably.

We have a 25-acre farm that used to be part of a larger, massive farm. When we moved here, the three family members (descendants of original settlers and original owners) had already staked out and built their own homes, each on one acre, along the road, and were splitting up the massive farm to sell off as smaller properties. Of these three family member and their familes, two sets are as sweet as can be and have become wonderful friends and neighbors....the third is a psychotic, demented witch, to put it lightly, and her family all needs to be locked behind bars. Well, as luck would have it....her one-acre homesite (complete with home,and dead-beat, law-breaking, felon family members)is smack-dab in the middle of my 25 acres. Half of our property is rented out to be farmed, and the remainder is home- and barn site, and pastureland for us. (Keep in mind that my home is 150 years old and the witch's house is maybe 30 years old...mine was here first and SHE chose where to build hers.)

Before we moved in and put up fencing, we spoke with her and all was well and good...she LOVES animals and will love seeing my horses whenever she wants. Could she give them an apple once in a while? Will they come to the fence (on the property line) to be petted? No, she didn't have a problem with the fence or the animals, at all. We assured her that the fence would be low-visibility, and it is....cedar posts with high-tensile wire, top wire white vinyl coated. You can look right thru the fence and it doesn't hinder views whatsoever.

Well, evidentally, NOW they are having "problems" with the horses, 17 years later. She claimed that they were eating all of the million and one plants, trees and bushes that she planted right ON the fence. There is enough grass that the horses don't have to touch her plants, but we put up another fence line well within the perimeter one so that they can't reach. This was not good enough I guess...

They have been shooting my horses anytime the horses even approach that fence line. (Shooting with some type of air-gun, I hear them open their window on the fenceline, I can hear the gun going off, and see my horses flee from it, but I cannot see THEM actually shooting. And I have pics of the horses injuries.) Now, the horses have NEVER gotten out of the pasture, nor have they ever gotten loose, period. They are contained completely on my own property and I am more than zoned for what I have. With my size of property, I am not restricted in the number of animals that I can have, nor what I do with my property, nor with what I choose to build on my property.

Okay, as if the shooting isn't enough to send me over the edge, the husband/ex-husband has come onto my front porch and threatened me and my husband (we have a police report), the wife screams at us anytime that she sees us outside, and they also scream (and I mean scream) at each other. The son is unemployed, and the grandson is waiting for trial for robbery, destroying FEDERAL property, and illegal confinement- akin to kidnapping! They all live in this house. My point here is that I am hesitant to confront them, they are not nice people!

Most recently they are taking to walking their ill-mannered, scary dogs ON MY PROPERTY! Usually "walking" includes the use of a four-wheeler. One day this week, I took my dogs out, on leashes and waited at the intersection of a tractor lane that I knew the guy had to return on, and he kept right on walking, right past me, without even a nod of the head.

Now in my book, you can't freaking shoot my horses and then use MY property like it's your own! And what are they doing while I am at work all day? I don't dare put my horses out until I get home and can supervise. I literally sit in a lawn chair and watch them.

So last night, one of the nice neighbors called to say that she thinks that the wackos did something to my mare yesterday, cuz she was along that fence line and took off like the devil himself was after her. I was in the barn cleaning stalls and had the radio on briefly....I won't do that again. Usually I supervise turn-out.

Sooooo, all....give me some suggestions....what do I do about these wackos???

Things that go thru my head:

<font color="red">Call police</font id="red">: I haven't SEEN (only heard and witnessed my horses' flight) them shooting. Will the police be able to do anything other than stir up more problems?

<font color="red">Put horse in alternate pastures</font id="red">: I could move the horses, but right now, Chey is soooo fat, the old guy is sooo old, and my pastures are soooo lush, that I don't know if I am willing to risk laminitis either. Right now they spend all day, except for a couple hours, in the barn. I am thinking of sectioning off a smaller pasture elsewhere, or putting up a moveable roundpen within a back pasture.

BUT....the "offending" pasture is STILL my property, and it gauls me that they are restricting, thru their actions, my use and enjoyment of my own property! We can't even go outside near their place without getting screamed at! This pasture is also where I do my arena-work, but every time I am riding, I'm getting yelled at!

<font color="red">Privacy/protective fence</font id="red">: Put up as tall a fence as zoning will allow! Since I own all three sides around this witch, I could box her in real good! The jack..s would probably still bring their weapons out and either shoot over the fence or shoot the fence until they've breached it.

<font color="red">Make friends with them:</font id="red"> All well and good, but the woman is such a schizo that it blew up in my face when I tried it. Nothing pleases these people, and they are happier when there is conflict and drama...remember, her siblings also live on this road, and even THEY don't speak to her...the widow of one is moving away to get away from her! Twenty years later now the witch is complaining that when my kids were little (four and six?) they used to come over to her house and bother her!! (Twice my kids went over there, for like two minutes....to look for a lost cat or escaped rabbit.) This is how mentally unstable this woman is, and how long she holds a grudge! Someone dumped a dog a long time ago, and it tore up her flowers, or something, and she called here to blame it on my kids....well, the one was a toddler, who was not out of my site, and the other, not much older was in the hospital....it was NOT my kids that destroyed her plants. From the tales that I hear, HER kids were and still are (at 40 year old) hellions and just as psycho as mom.

We have police officers at work, and I will probably make an appointment to talk to one or two of them, maybe they will suggest something, or know a buddy who might "convince" these wack-jobs to cool it.

If I see them out walking their curs today, I am definitely going to tell them in no uncertain terms to stay off of my property.

I have much more leeway, because of fewer restrictions on farm property, to make their lives as miserable as they've made mine. I have horses that continuously make manure....I can spread the offal on three sides bordering their property...so no matter which way the wind blows, they will know it! Can you tell that I'm P.O.'d?!! [Sad!] Yes, my area still allows for manure to be spread on self-owned property.

I could call the cops every time that they burn illegally...which they do when the wind is blowing toward my house.

Indiana fence laws state that neighbors must share the cost and building of a perimeter fence, suitable enough to maintain all manner of farm animal, in agri-areas. Wouldn't that chill her hiney if SHE had to pay for half of the privacy fence that boxes her IN!!!! roflamopmp!!!! Law says that if she doesn't comply, the county assessor will hire a crew to build a fence and bill her for labor and materials, if she doesn't pay, she will lose her house! THAT is the best idea yet!

If I sound evil, it's only because these people (I use that term loosely) have pushed and pushed me, and have become abusive to my animals....but still use my property for their own. (When they need dirt or soil, they go out into my field and dig a hole! When they needed to get heavy equipment into their backyard, they drove it on my property until they made trenches and killed the grass. And does anyone think that they are picking up doo-doo when they are walking their dogs?? Really?)



"She never moved the stars from their courses,
but she loved a good man and she rode good horses"


When you work here, you can name your own salary. I named mine, "Louie".


[Image: 2run.gif]

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  Saddle makers mark
Posted by: rideslikemonkey - 09-27-2005, 07:57 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (11)

I´m new to this forum, so please excuse me if I come jumping straight in with a question.
I have been given a western saddle with a mark on the horn? I do not know the mark and was wondering if anybody could tell who made the saddle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


[Image: saddle4.jpg]
[Image: saddle3.jpg]

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  Info for the new and not so new rider!!!!
Posted by: Chuck - 09-10-2003, 01:46 AM - Forum: The Beginning Rider - No Replies

Info on how to fit a saddle and different tree sizes: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/howshoulifit.html

Western saddle parts: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/sadrigandpar.html

How to measure a western seat: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/howtomeaswes.html

All about horse bits: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/horbitter.html

What is a flex tree: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/whatisflextree.html

How to care for a saddle: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/howdoicarfor.html

Different saddle brands: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/whatinnamofs.html

Information about The Saddle Shop: http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/inonusandsad.html


-The Saddle Shop
-Where horses like to shop!

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