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  Snaffle Question
Posted by: KathyH - 03-03-2006, 11:53 PM - Forum: Tack Questions and Comments - Replies (4)

This type snaffle has been suggested a couple times to me by a trainer. Never bought it while she still lived in the area, but am thinking about it. Just wondering if a curb or chain strap would be used? Thank you!


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  Spring Riding Plans
Posted by: appygirl - 02-28-2006, 02:05 PM - Forum: Trails - Replies (13)

I now have three rides planned for the spring that I would like to invite any and all to join me on. Ride info is as follows:

April 14 - 17 - Willow Creek Stables, Cadiz, KY, http://www.willowcreekcampground.com/

May 19 - 21 - Double J Stables, Mammoth Cave, KY. This is the spring weekend that Mustang Mesa will be playing on Saturday night. Should be a great weekend. http://doublejstables.com/

June 2 - 11 - Brown County State Park, Columbus, Indiana http://www.indiana.reserveworld.com/Camp...search.cfm

How are riding plans shaping up for everyone else? I hope you've got some dates on the calendar. If you can get away, I'd love to share the trails with you on any of these weekends.

PG, you and I need to schedule a ride or two so I can get Hi-Grey conditioned.

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  Questions about Grain and feeding...
Posted by: horselvr0405 - 02-27-2006, 03:14 PM - Forum: Grooming and Health - Replies (26)

Hello all!
I have a few questions about feeding. This may sound silly, but, is Grain the same thing as like pellets? Like, 12% protein pellets? I am trying to maintain my horses weight, do what the previous owner did, cause I just got her and she looks awesome...and she would give a flake or two in the morning, along with a small coffee can or so of 12% pellets--then repeat in evening.
Another question--does protein make a horse "hot" or is that the grain that does that???

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  Which to train first? English or Western?
Posted by: fracturedbones - 02-26-2006, 08:14 PM - Forum: Horse Training - Replies (10)

Ok you training experts! If you planned on training a horse for both disciplines, which would you train for first?

Curious since more bit contact with English if this would be easier first in terms on control and cues, then easier to lighten contact and teach Western?

Theories appreciated if no experience.

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  Mama Flash is due to Foal March 12
Posted by: Hook - 02-26-2006, 11:06 AM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (72)

Flash Back Fax is bred to AQHA Champion, Superior Western Pleasure horse, Skip Zan Parr (who happens to be Profit's Dad). She is Jet black with a small white blaze and some white on her back foot. Mrs. Hook is hoping for a "Champion Black Filly".

She specifically asked the Stallion owner to sort the semen and only ship the nice girly pink ones and take out all the nasty blue boy ones so the filly part is guaranteed. Don't know about the Black, but I find her in the barn regularly, chanting to Flash - Champion Black FILLY, Champion BLACK Filly, CHAMPION BLACK FILLY ........

Stall Camera is up and bought a new gadget to show the picture on the big TV, one in the bedroom and two small monitors. The gadget uses the VCR to process the signal from the camera so I am hoping if things go right we may be able to record the blessed event.

I think I am really, really addicted to horses. ( HAA , may need some help)

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  WOOHOO!! Got my horse tonight!!!!
Posted by: horselvr0405 - 02-26-2006, 02:14 AM - Forum: The Beginning Rider - Replies (13)

Hi! Ok, I am so excited I'm about to burst! My horse is the arabian mix--remember I posted about how tall a horse should be? Anyways, she came home tonight and poor thing is so stressed out!! There are no other horses here that she can hear or see so she is stressing. She keeps calling out to other horses, and noone is answering her! It is breaking my heart.[Sad] The good thing is, we are off tommorrow to pick up this mini donkey that is great with horses. So, at least she will have him as a companion until we get another horse. But, needless to say, I want to sleep in the barn tonight with her!!! [B)]
I went to check on her (one last time) tonight, and as I was walking up she winnied at me, then when I left she called out to me like, "HEY! Where are you going??"
I'm not sure how good I will sleep tonight!!! [B)]
Just wanted to share--I am sure I will be back here asking a ton of questions-
She is my first horse that I actually own. I took care of her for a few months a while back, so I know what it's like but now she is mine!
And, at the time she was being fed off of a round bale, got too fat, so now Im feeding 2x per day--joy--that means getting up early still on the weekends!
How many of you delay weekend morning feedings by an hour or two? Would that be really bad?
Thanks for hearing me babble on!

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  Strange Behavior
Posted by: Demander - 02-25-2006, 05:17 PM - Forum: Horse Training - Replies (19)

I have an Appy mare that was purchased about 1 1/2 yrs ago. She was very timid when she got to my place. I worked her from the ground for the first year and got a saddle and bridle on her. She has always displayed an attitude when you tried to put a halter or bridle over her ears, particularly her left ear. Now that she has sat through the winter, she is nearly impossible to halter and bridle. She rears, throws her head and turns her butt towards you. If you do finally get a rope on her neck and try to touch the left side of her head she will turn to look at her belly on the left side. This she has done from the first day I got her home. I can't figure what might have happened to her to prompt this unacceptable behavior. She is treated lovingly and kindly like all the other horses. I do demand respect from them and achieve this through ground training. Does anyone have any ideas? The seller passed her off as being "child-safe" and quiet.
That is not true.

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  Jazz is 312 days, Im sick of waiting for foal
Posted by: Stormie - 02-24-2006, 12:29 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (21)

I hate waiting for the foals and calves to be born!! So I need something to do, Anyone want to take guess on what the foal is going to be? I'm hoping for a Dun or grulla filly with no white.

Here is Jasmine.

Old photo she is 2 in this photo, will be 6 this spring. I can't find the one I wanted to post...

[Image: Jazzer_2.jpg]

And here is the stud's webpage.


The mare doesn't have any white markings but does have a white sole on a back foot so she might carry the genes for Normal white markings. Neither carry White Pattern genes so no worries on a paint, like with my other mare(who I might bred to this stud this spring).

I do know that my mare is EeAa but we aren't sure on the stud yet. He had only bay and dun foals so there is is a chance he is homoz. black and/or Agouti. If he isn't the chances are:

Sorrel/chestnut 12.5%
Red Dun 12.5%
Bay 28.125%
Dun 28.125%
Black 9.375%
Grulla 9.375%

Her due date range is March 3rd - April 17th. With March 23rd the 340 day.

Any guesses on sex, color, markings and day???

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  Here's my girl
Posted by: 34me - 02-23-2006, 03:01 PM - Forum: Horse Appraisal and Conformation - Replies (3)

This is Skyy and she is two almost three
[Image: 049_49.jpg]

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  Grade Appy
Posted by: appygirl - 02-22-2006, 03:52 PM - Forum: Horse Appraisal and Conformation - Replies (16)

[Image: d21772ea.jpg]

This is Hi-Grey. He is a 13-year old grade appaloosa; 15.2 hands.

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